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Transmission#20  - Wrong Side

Big shout to Trevor Deep Jr who gave me a digital copy of his limited vinyl only release of Do Right, which along with the exquisite Joy Orbison remix of Lana Del Rey's Video Games and a storming new track from Ross Couch, are just 3 of the highlights on this episode.

01. JMP, Saccao, Nasrawi - Femme Fatale (Nasrawi's Sunset Dub)
02. Trevor Deep Jr - Do Right
03. Huxley - Shapes
04. Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)
05. Lula Circus - Irresistible (Doomwork Remix)
06. 4th Measure Man - 4 You (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
07. Lewis Lastella - Le Spot Rouge
08. Perry & Chris Domingo - Latitude
09. Zietgeist - I Dance For No Reason
10. Jay West - As a Kite
11. Danny Cohiba - Circles (Mario Plaza Remix)
12. Gareth Bilaney - K Side (Mr Cenzo Remix)
13. Ross Couch - Future Shock

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Transmission#19 - Gentle Bruises

Big thanks to Jimmy Welsh for an advance of his excellent new track, Nastro Azzurro, forthcoming on Losing Suki. A couple of old classics from kid scientific and rhythm plate rub up against great new tracks from Soul Minority and Southeastern.

01. James Welsh - Nastro Azzurro
02. Andre Lodemann - Riven Reminiscences
03. Southeastern - P2000
04. Kid Scientific - Love Life (Full mix)
05. Soul Minority - Vanilla Sky
06. Brett Lawrence - Flam Tap
07. Robert Babicz - Beautiful (Tom Middleton Liquatech Remodel)
08. Rhythm Plate - Prospect Drive (Atjazz Mix)
09. Nicone & Sascha Braemer - Little Love (Florian Meindl Remix)
10. Huxley & Russo - Where's It Gone
11. Scope feat. Terry Grant - Seven Reasons (Roberto Rodriguez Piano Dub)
12. Roberto Rodriguez - I Got
13. Marco Fracasso ft Jaidene Veda - Nature Boy (Straight Deep mix)
14. Huxley - Madatme (Huxley Donedidit Remix)

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Transmission#18 - Constant : Endless

Last transmission of the year brings you superb tracks from houseriders, Blood Groove & Kikis, and Mercury. Onwards and upwards for 2012, thanks for listening.

01. Stephen Day - Discovery
02. Alfred R. - Warm Memories
03. Phonic Funk - Dreaming of You
04. Brett Lawrence - Behind the Wire
05. Mercury - You Lift Me Up
06. Tim Points - Tierno
07. Houseriders - As Brothers & Sisters (Alvaro Hylander Rmx)
08. Joe Babylon - I Speak Jive (John Tejada Rmx)
09. Blood Groove & Kikis - Many Things
10. Bescheerer & Szenasi - Franz Josef
11. Alexis Raphael - Skalamoosh
12. Manuel Regnet - Joy (James Johnston Rmx)
13. Alexkid - Class of '95

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Transmission#16 -  Caffeine Dreams

A more driving tempo and mood for this episode which features techy deepness courtesy of Toby Tobias, Hall North & Rodrigo Soria. The Flight Facilities track on here is a particular fave.

01. Deep Sector - Rainbows
02. Toby Tobias - Tomorrow's Bringing (Zoo Look Remix)
03. Rodrigo Soria - Bold (Alex V Remix)
04. Hall North - No Way Out (Serge Carroll Remix)
05. EVG - Get Together
06. Ruthit - I Feel (Kev O'Brien & Chris Luzz Remix)
07. Francis Orchestra Inferno - Go Easy On Me Girl
08. Flight Facilities feat. Jess - Foreign Language
09. Phil Weeks - By My Side
10. F89 - You And Me
11. Deep Dish presents Prana - The Dream (Dax J Back to '94 Remix)
12. K-Bana - Jive (Soul Minority Jumeirah Beach Mix)
13. Afronaut & Aphrodisiax - Held On To Me (Club Mix)

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Transmission#15 - Saudade

Inspired by a recent night on London's South Bank this mix features the classic Dennis Ferrer remix of Faith by Gary Henry along with superb new tracks from UruMusicArt, Daniel Solar & Stan Kolev.

01. CFCF - Cometrue
02. Chopstick & JohnJon - Obviously She Is A Whore
03. Mario Aureo & Daniel Solar - What You Do
04. Scope - Strung out (Kruse & Nurnberg Mix)
05. Silt - Rising
06. UruMusicArt - Electic Tea
07. Stan Kolev - Part Of Me (Arthur Deep Midnight Dub)
08. The Good Rev Dr Gary Henry - Faith (Dennis Fs Silent Prayer)
09. Stuffa - Proof (FCL Remix)
10. The Mac Brothers - Something In The Air
11. Surrealism - So Much
12. Funk D'Void, Jay Leblone - Lovin' (Hipp-E Mix)
13. AxisOne - Hexa

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Transmission#14 - City Life

This set kicks off with Nick Holder's Waiting For U, a track that I've wanted to include on a mix for some time and the more soulful sounds here provide a perfect backdrop for it. The brilliant Maceo Plex remix of City Life is also a highlight.

01. Nick Holder - Waiting For U
02. Lewie Day - Some Kinda Man
03. Fantastic Man - Nuthin' But A Thing
04. Dirty Kicks - Intimate Friends
05. Toomy Disco - Since I Fell For You (Les Loups Nympho Island Remix)
06. Chris Carrier - I'm In Love Today
07. DJ T - City Life (Maceo Plex Remix)
08. Poussez - Discuits
09. Iron Curtis - Inner Tribute To The City
10. Eats Everything - Entrance Song
11. Dustyfruit - Eyes Wide Shut
12. Midland - Through Motion
13. Genius Of Time - Drifting Back
14. Nicholas - Let's Stay Together

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Transmission#13 - Diva

This episode is inspired by the brilliant 'One Night In Space' session at East Village, London last week, held in tribute to Kenny Hawkes. An amazing lineup of DJs turned out to give the great man a fitting memorium and track of the night for me was Gary Beck's Diva which is included here.

01. Roman Rauch - Dirty Haze (Original Mix)
02. Matt Prehn & Marcia Alves - Glow (Original Mix)
03. Matt Masters - It's Always Delayed (Original Mix)
04. Zoe Xenia - Right Here Feels So Good (Original Mix)
05. Anthony Collins - Don't Look Down Now (Roman Flugel Remix)
06. Jonny Cade - A Sanguine Lamb (Huxley Remix)
07. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Was Bleibt (Jimspter Vocal Remix)
08. Roberto Rodriguez - Like I Said (Original Mix)
09. Bleep District - Don't Stop Now (Giom Remix)
10. Mic Newman - Recorded In The Garage (Original Mix)
11. Gary Beck - Diva (Original Mix)
12. Kshah feat. Bardia - And So (Mory Yacel Remix)
13. Tony Lionni - Body & Soul (Original Mix)
14. Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love (Original Mix)
15. Kings Of Tomorrow - Take Me Back (Sandy Rivera Mix)

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Transmission#12 - What We Do

This episode features plenty of great new music, with standout tracks from Tiago Fragateiro, 60 Hertz Project & Atnarko. Lashings of vocals at the beginning and end of this summer set with a more driving mid section to pin it down.

01. Mr O feat. Scheibe - Way Of Life (Topzonecollab mix)
02. 60 Hertz Project - Capricorn (Original mix)
03. Sebastian Davidson & Enthousiaste Gasten - That Song (Huxley Remix)
04. Tiago Fragateiro feat Tracey K - Lovefool
05. Iz & Diz - Love It Dub It (Fred Everything Mix)
06. Mateo & Matos - Want U Tonight (John Mateo NYC Deep Mix)
07. Atnarko feat Soul Minority - Close Your Eyes
08. Huxley - Heidi Clam (Original Mix)
09. Vincenzo - Seduction (Jimpster Mix)
10. Joeski - Brothers & Sisters (Alex Sosa Mix)
11. South West Seven - What We Do (Autodeep Rmx)
12. Distant people feat. Rainy Payne - Connected (Magic Soul Mix)
13. Alexis Raphael - Spaceship (Original Mix)
14. Felix - Sky High (Lance Lewis Slow Mo Disco Remix)

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Transmission#11 - Tribute for Kenny Hawkes

House music lost an unsung hero this month. On Friday 10th June Kenny Hawkes, founder of Space @ Bar Rhumba, fridays r firin' @ Plastic People, & much respected DJ and producer, passed away. Kenny was, without doubt my greatest influence, his sets at Plastic People in the late 90s cemented my love for deep house. This extended set is a tribute to his sound and his productions. Rest In Peace Kenny, thanks for more great nights than I can remember.

01. Chris Lumm - Connected (Acapella)
02. Gamat 3000 - Feeling Love
03. Gus Gus - The Call Of The Wild
04. Tony Senghore - What It Is
05. Inner City - Big Fun (Kenny Hawkes Remix)
06. New Alumnists - Back To The 80s
07. Tiefschwarz - Acid Soul
08. Nick Benson - Afro Smoke
09. Fries & Bridges - Affiliated Drums
10. Slam - Virtuoso
11. C & M Productions - Inside
12. Mooncat - Hear What Was Said
13. Asmodeus - Move Your Body
14. Kenny Hawkes - Play The Game (Joris Voorn Remix)
15. Kenny Hawkes - Dance For Me
16. Demon Ritchie - Feelin' Good
17. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - The Boobytrap
18. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - Gemini

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Transmission#10 - Devil's Disco

Big thanks to Sebastian Davidson for sorting me out with a copy of his brilliant Remix of Soulfinder's Walking In The Distance. This deeply disco tinged set includes a superb Huxley remix, an old gem by Rhythm Plate and a sensational new track from Vincenzo to round things off.

01. 6th Borough Project - Iznae/Endless Night (Dave Wood rerub)
02. Soulfinder - Walking In The Distance (Sebastian Davidson remix)
03. Ooft - Deep Wading (Huxley remix)
04. Darlyn Vlys - In Your Shoes
05. Marvin Zeyss - You Got me
06. Sonny Fodera - All For Love
07. Decca T - Last Night
08. Mr Moon feat. Desy - I Wonder (K-Bana remix)
09. The Disclosure Project - Life's Short (Latenta Project Another Dimension remix)
10. Aki Bergen - Feel So Good
11. Rhythm Plate - Flame's High
12. Julian Sanza - Disco Groove
13. Vincenzo - Where You Are

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