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Transmission#34 - Broken Poetry

This edition features a cut from the superb new Fold ep on Man Make Music, and a tough spine courtesy of muscular tracks from Joeski and Andre Winter. Also included, a phenomenal remix of Groovestyle's Freedom Train by Derrick Carter, a track which was rarely absent from Kenny Hawkes' sets, and one which, more than any other, shaped his sound. No one says it better than Luke Solomon himself though so read about it on Soundcloud here:

01. Fortunato & Montresor - Imagine
02. Hauswerks, Jaymo & Andy George - Take It To The Hoop
03. Fold - Moving Patterns
04. Brame - Set You Free
05. Frankey, Sandrino - We Are All Dust
06. Animist - Reeser
07. George Fitzgerald - Thinking Of You
08. Le Vinyl, Javi Bora - Boreal
09. Andre Winter - Blackmail
09. Joeski, Audio Kode - Addictions
11. Groovestyle - Freedom Train (Ds Boogie For Change Mix)
12. Prince Club - Love Strong
13. Dusky - Nobody Else
14. Andres - New For U

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Transmission#33 - Pattern & Structure

This episode features a classic Dubtribe Soundsystem cut which used to be a staple at Plastic People in London when Kenny Hawkes was in residence. Along with fantastic new tracks from Toby Tobias, Nathan G, Piers Kirwan, and new Detroit based producers GolfClap. Special thanks to Jacob Bech for an advance of his sensational new ep on Large, from which No Other Way, featured here, is taken. Due to the time it took to get this episode out the door it's no longer an advance but you can't rush perfection!

01. Toby Tobias - Backbeat
02. Elina Monova - Give Me The Night (Sunday Session)
03. Paluka - You Are
04. Dubtribe Soundsystem - Equitoreal
05. Marc Cotterell - Shake To Shuffle
06. Tigerskin - Yellow Tops
07. Roberto Rodriguez - Oxymoron
08. Pitto - Richklap
09. Jacob Bech - No Other Way
10. Duke Dumont - Need U 100%
11. Piers Kirwan - Bring You
12. Golf Clap - Another Way (Animist Remix)
13. Nathan G - Fall For Me
14. Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman Mix)

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Transmission#32 - Labour And Wait

The first edition of 2013 walks a deeper path with incredible tracks from Wiseman & The Lamberti Boyz nestling alongside more driving sounds from Two Armadillos, Waze & Odyssey, and the essential Deetron Remix of George FitzGerald's Every Inch, the original of which was featured on transmission #31. Also making a long overdue appearance here is Smoke by PASH, a track I've wanted to include here since it dropped in October last year.

01. PASH - Smoke
02. Wiseman - Drum Links
03. Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Baltimore (Bas Amro Remix)
04. Hans Thalau - Embla
05. Waze & Odyssey - I Want You You You
06. George Fitzgerald - Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
07. Two Armadillos - Theme
08. Giom - Hot Rabbits (SpiritChaser Beats Edit)
09. Nathan G, Giom - World Go Round (Giom Remix)
10. Tommy Largo - Good Inside
11. Alex Blaxx - The Evening News (Straight House Mix)
12. HHNQ - Point Of View
13. The Lamberti Boyz - Far Beyond
14. Spiritchaser - Edge Of The World (Dub Mix)
15. Kunta, Botshelo - Come Closer

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Transmission#31 - Out There

This mix came together so easily I just had to post it as a new episode, so I lied about #30 being the last of the year.. New tracks here simply too good to sit on, from Da Capo, Casino Times, George Fitzgerald, Maya Jane Coles, Maceo Plex & Rachel Row. Consider this a seasonal bonus, thanks for listening and enjoy what definitely is the last deep transmission of 2012.

01. Jakob Korn - Geek Emotion
02. Da Capo feat. Kylow - Out There (Fire and Rain Touch)
03. Casino Times - I Wanna Know
04. Rob Clarke - Sometimes
05. Liam Geddes - Don't Break Down
06. Cosmic Cowboys, Echonomist - Need To Know (Karol XVII, MB Valence Remix)
07. Romanthony - Bring U Up (Deetron Edit)
08. Audiojack - No Equal Sides
09. George Fitzgerald - Every Inch
10. Lula Circus - Pumpin Groovin Moovin (Pezzner Remix)
11. Maya Jane Coles - Easier To Hide
12. Maceo Plex - Love Somebody Else
13. Smallpeople - And You And You
14. Rachel Row - Follow The Step

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 Transmission#30 - Revivalism

This last episode of 2012 features sensational tracks from the likes of Herbert (remixed by DJ Koze), Sahin Meyer, Nowakowski, and an essential George Fitzgerald remix of Jessie Ware's 'No to Love' which rounds things off. Special thanks go to Sahin Meyer for a copy of their excellent track, 'Spread Love'. This installment is dedicated to Martin Dawson, another talented DJ & producer lost to us before his time. Rest in peace Martin.

01. Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze remix)
02. Tube & Berger with Milan Euringer - Lovebreak
03. Atjazz & Julian Gomes - Overshadowed (Julian Gomes Perspective)
04. Sahin Meyer - Spread Love
05. Pete Dafeet - Hit 'em Up (Pezzner dub)
06. Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Touching Me (Red Carpet Remix)
07. Brett Lawrence - A Tough Row To Hoe
08. Nowakowski - Magenta 3
09. Moonwalk - Things You Will Need
10. Mano Le Tough - Euro Dancer (Dances for Euros)
11. James Dexter - Crowd Control
12. Jay Shepheard - Fuzzy Border
13. Detroit Swindle - John Doe
14. Jessie Ware - No To Love (George Fitzgerald Remix)

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 Transmission#29 - Tension Effect

A couple of weeks early, but inspiration can be a tough mistress. Two tracks a piece from Joyce Muniz & Maya Jane Coles on this one and it's all about the basslines with some fantastic tracks from Detroit Swindle, Dusky, Bareskin & Fred Everything under his Frederico Y Alvaro pseudonym.

01. Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)
02. Joyce Muniz - Drop In Pressure
03. Bareskin - Eyes
04. Spin Science - Time To Wait (Dominic Martin Remix)
05. Detroit Swindle - I Gotta Know
06. Justin Martin - Don't Go (Dusky Remix)
07. Shane Linehan - Do You Know Who You Are
08. Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep In Louise
09. Mark Wells & Tom Brady - Reality (Desos Remix)
10. Shades Of Gray - Higher Ground (Fiord Remix)
11. Okain - O'Clock (Gerd's Deep Mix)
12. Joyce Muniz - Malicia
13. Frederico Y Alvaro - Perception One
14. Lianne La Havas - Lost and Found (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

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Transmission#28 - Hot One Five

This new episode has arrived sooner than planned because there are so many sensational tracks that need play at the moment. The Iron Galaxy, Nick Nikolov, & Johnny Fiasco tracks have forced my hand and there's something a bit different but no less special to wrap it up. Next episode won't be until later in November so until then enjoy the hot one five (and give Vibrations some love, its time in the spotlight has been cut short..)

01. Eric Ericksson - Love Cannot
02. Iron Galaxy - Attention Seeker
03. Nick Nikolov - Come Down
04. Disclosure - My Intention Is War (Fig II)
05. Dusky - Henry 85
06. Orlando B - In The City
07. Johnny Fiasco - Keep It Deep
08. Detroit Swindle - Nothing Else Matters
09. HNNY - For The Very First Time
10. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Organized Notes
11. Tom Taylor - Jazz Dialect
12. Nikola Gala - Got To Pray (Moodymanc's Higher State Mix)
13. Matthias Vogt - Accelerator (Sumsuch Remix)
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Schwindelig (Ian O'Donovan Remix)
15. Blu Mar Ten vs London Elektricity - Above One Second

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 Transmission#27 - Vibrations

Summer giving way to autumn brings with it a more reflective sound, some fantastic tracks from Flori, The White Lamp (courtesy of a dependably first rate remix by Ron Basejam), Gorge & a lavish cut by Shur-i-kan keep this episode on point.

01. The White Lamp - It's You (Ron Basejam remix)
02. Edit Murphy - Need You
03. Finnebassen - If You Only Knew
04. Bo Saris - She's On Fire (Maya Jane Coles remix)
05. Baunz - The Same Thing (Huxley dub)
06. Kid Culture - Visions feal Rene Engel
07. Flori - Sing It Out (Leif remix)
08. Cassian - I Love It
09. Gorge - LA Angels (Audiojack remix)
10. Klevakeys feat Diamondancer - Raising Vibrations (Klevakeys Deeper Vibration mix)
11. Shur-i-kan - String Killer
12. Bertrand Dupart - La Bagatelle
13. Kruse & Nuernberg - The Brush (Tom Middleton Liquatech mix)
14. Bicep & Ejeca - You

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Transmission#26 - Heartbreak Reputation

Loving some of the garage influenced house sounds emerging over the last year, strongly evident here in tracks from Alex Agore, Leftwing & Kody, Marc Cotterell, and of course Disclosure. Joris Voorn nails it once again with an incredible piece of frenzied 4am energy on 'Goodbye Fly'.

01. James Welsh - Air Valley
02. Tinozz & Poetic - Intoxicated (Tinozz Afro Rebel mix)
03. Leftwing & Kody - You Don't Know
04. Andre Crom - Hypnotizing (Homework NYC '92 remix)
05. Dublin Aunts - Heartbreak Reputation (Flash Mode remix)
06. DJ Doctor - Work!
07. Adam Byrd - Just Believe
08. Joris Voorn - Goodbye Fly
09. Marc Cotterell - Untitled Track One
10. Disclosure - Lividup
11. 4 Da People, Rik-Art - Build Me Up
12. Jamie Jones - Somewhere
13. Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me (Mano Le Tough remix)
14. Natural Calamity - And That's Saying A Lot (Groove Armada Dub)
15. Alex Agore - I Did You Wrong

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Transmission#25 - Tru Love

Big thanks to Alex Agore for a digital copy of his stunning new vinyl only cut 'Tru Love'. Plenty to get your teeth into on this episode, some shimmering floor killers from Nubah, Kyodai & Ross Evana, give way to some cracking vocal tracks from the likes of Obsessfunk, Mekanism & Miguel Migs. And there's that Will Maddams track... sensational.

01. Session Victim - Zoinks
02. Will Maddams - Stand In For Love
03. Alex Agore - Tru Love
04. Nubah - Run From It
05. Ross Evana - Remake Me Whole
06. Kyodai - Breaking
07. Jay West - Thinking Of You
08. Downtown Party Network - The Machine Man
09. RECovery - Let It Go
10. Obsessfunk - Swine (Just Like That Sunshine Mix)
11. The Mekanism - Missing Love
12. Scope, Ric McClelland - I Don't Know
13. Miguel Migs ft. Meshell Ndegeocello - Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy Vocal Mix)
14. Karmon - Solarbeam

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