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Transmission#46 - Cycle Of Vice

Twelve of the best for this set which already finds us on the cusp of June. Opening with an exclusive track called Distance from the Direction by Mark Hand, a big favourite of mine, and a man whose talent is rivalled only by his generous spirit in providing me with a copy of this new track, which is currently, albeit temporarily I'm sure, unsigned. Listen to Mark's productions over at soundcloud here: Also included is the Wehbba remix of sleepless by Joyce Muniz which has rewarded a wait going back to January with a release on Warung this month. The middle section toughens up with some pulsating tracks by Dj Boris & Julien Sandre & the NT89 track is another sensational piece of simmering, hook laden, deep house. Thanks also to Skyman1882 for turning me onto the DJ Boris track through his continually thoughtful selections which you can find on his mixcloud page over at:

Thanks for listening, let's get into it.

01. Mark Hand - Distance From The Direction (Dub#1)
02. Mashk - Last Breath (Solee Remix)
03. Lorca - Forgive Me Love
04. Rey Aguilar - It's Not Over (Nick Devon Remix)
05. Joyce Muniz - Sleepless (Wehbba Remix)
06. DJ Boris - You Know
07. Julien Sandre - Perception (Luca Agnelli Remix)
08. Tony Lionni, Maria Marcial - Do You Believe (Funk D'void Remix)
09. Alexis Raphael - Exclusive
10. Eric Ericksson - Yuki (Deeper Dub)
11. NT89 - Purple Garden
12. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Breathe

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Transmission#45 - Requiem

This episode is inspired by the recent Tale of us session in London, and features tracks from Ten Walls, Maya Jane Coles and of course Another Earth from their release of the same name. Kicking things off is a current favourite by Leon Vynehall from his excellent new mini LP which came out this month, followed by Cloud City by Powel, a track which I wanted to include on an earlier episode but which finds a fitting home here. The Ida Engberg cut, Silhouette of a ghost is a particular favourite, and is in my opinion the strongest track on her recent Devil Dance EP. Rounding things off is the pick of a burgeoning crop of Sade remixes from Vin Sol & Matrixxman with their edit of Couldn't love you more. This episode is dedicated to Frankie Knuckles who we lost last weekend.

01. Leon Vynehall - St Sinclair
02. Powel - Cloud City
03. Ten Walls - Requiem
04. Sandrino, Frankey - Save
05. Rachel Row - L Square (Adam Port Remix)
06. Casino Times - Principles
07. Snilloc - Najah
08. Kidnap Kid - Stronger
09. Maya Jane Coles - Something In The Air (Dark Sky Remix)
10. Ida Engberg - Silhouette Of A Ghost
11. Tale Of Us - Another Earth
12. Sade - Couldn't Love You More (Vin Sol & Matrixxman Edit)

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Transmission#44 - four four

For episode 44 the name took care of itself, and for the first fully fledged episode of 2014 (committed listeners may have picked up the mixcloud only session 'Equinox' from early Feb) I've consciously tried to avoid tracks which have been wrung out elsewhere regardless of how good they are, hence there's no HNNY 'tears' or Disclosure ft Mary J Blige 'F for You', 2 superb cuts, but ones which you can hear on any good podcast. So instead I've opted for tracks which may have glanced by without receiving the attention they richly deserve. The Mepham remix which opens the set is a firm favourite, as is the simple but absorbing Harlequin by Rootstrax. The middle 3rd fizzes with a dark electricity, before settling into some more delicate grooves courtesy of dt favourite La Fleur, and Porentief. Also included are 2 of my favourite vinyl only releases from last year by M.ono & Loveless and Steve Huerta. Finally rounding things off is the Wookie remix of Disclosures Voices, a 'big' track I couldn't resist. Hit play and immerse.

01. Ashdown - It Must Be Time (Mepham Remix)
02. Rootstrax - Harlequin (808 Dub)
03. Mat Chiavaroli - Before I Go
04. M.ono & Luvless - Auckland Joggers
05. Ferry Ultra, Nicole Russo - Live My Life (Sahin Meyer Lyons Remix)
06. Shall Ocin - Forgive Me
07. The Presets - It's Cool (Andre Bayer & James Grant Remix)
08. Santiago Santamaria - Bitter Soul (Cecyl Mix)
09. Vellico - Pennines
10. La Fleur - Kattflickan
11. Porentief - Freund Der Familie (Rndms Remix)
12. Steve Huerta - Smoky
13. Disclosure - Voices (Wookie Remix)

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Transmission#43 - Plexus

For the first episode of 2014 I wanted to present my take on a 'deep progressive' house sound. The idea came about at the tail end of last year, born of a desire to try and recapture a glimpse of that sense of event inherent to those Tenaglia, or Digweed mix CDs which seemed imperious during those heady 'pre podcast' days in the 90s, when the CD reigned supreme as the format of choice for consuming DJ mixes. The counterpoint for this episode is transmission #21 - Rezin, but while that instalment also looked back to some of the classics from my lexicon of progressive 90s house, this episode is all about looking to the present and beyond with a blend of tough stripped down grooves from Dosem & Eric Sneo interspersed with harmonising layers from Navid Mehr & Devangel. It's also front loaded with plenty of melody as a prelude to the driving inertia of the final quarter.

01. Martin Roth - Beautiful Life
02. Della Zouch, S!lk - Inside
03. Tom Middleton - Wyv Auw Chu
04. Magshine - When The Stars Are Falling (Tvardovsky Remix)
05. UVO - False Forms (Khen Remix)
06. Li-Polymer - Sense Of Imperfect Beings
07. Matt Lange, Tania Zygar - Way You Know
08. Andrew Benson - Dope
09. Leo Kane - Epic
10. Dosem - Urban Shelter
11. Navid Mehr - 1984 (Andre Sobota Remix)
12. Eric Sneo - Go (Gabriel D'or Bordoy Remix)
13. Devangel - Phoenix (Adam-P Remix)

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Transmission#42 - Solitaire

As another superb year of music draws to a close this episode delivers a mix of two halves, the first shot through with a contemplative melancholia courtesy of tracks by Lessovsky, Silk 86 and Youandewan, while the second half takes a more forthright approach with lashings of kinetic fizz from Mia Dora, Eric Volta & Adam Beyer, wrapping up with probably my favourite remix of the year by Paul Woolford who gives Disclosure & London Grammar a big room piano laden 90s house send off. The Superlova, La Fleur and Ishmael tracks on here are also big favourites of mine. That's all from deep transmissions for another year, look out for the top 10 playlist on Youtube and thanks for listening, have a great festive break, see you on the other side.

01. Lessovsky - Empty Heart
02. Silk 86 - Clear Waters
03. Youandewan - What's The Deal
04. Superlova - All Night
05. Purple Velvet - Artform
06. Fred Everything - Street Luv
07. Bonobo - First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
08. La Fleur - Nightflow
09. Ishmael - Lumo
10. Eric Volta - Love Your Illusion
11. Mia Dora - After The Dog
12. Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg - You Know
13. Disclosure feat. London Grammar - Help Me Lose My Mind (Paul Woolford Remix)

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Transmission#41 - Mode One

This episode joins a few dots, from an inspired retreatment of a Gil Scott Heron classic by Florian Rietze, which is available as a free download on soundcloud, to a couple of older tracks by Axus & Chris Malinchak via some pure deep house workouts from Peter Horrevorts, La Fleur and J Alvarez. Thanks to Jason Moss, one third of a sporadically high functioning machine, for turning me onto the Mirror People track. Love the fresh take on the sound by Last Magpie too, his recent AdLibitum ep on Hypercolour is thoroughly worth tracking down. Finally watch out for the most dangerous set of steel drums ever to grace a house track courtesy of Ninetoes. As mentioned on the last episode I will be archiving the older transmissions over the next few releases to make room, while I'll try to keep the full series up for as long as possible be sure to grab the older ones sooner rather than later.

01. Gil Scott Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit (Florian Rietze Tool)
02. Sebb Aston - Sell My Soul
03. Last Magpie - Still Walking
04. Peter Horrevorts - It Keeps You Movin'
05. La Fleur - Flowerhead
06. Meko - Falling
07. Clancy - Giving You Up
08. Mirror People - Kaleidoscope - (Pyschemagik Remix)
09. Nils Koenig - Tonight
10. Ninetoes - Finder
11. Josh Butler - Keep Movin'
12. Copy Paste Soul - Say Do
13. Axus - Suite Disappointment (Rocco Remix)
14. J. Alvarez - Format
15. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me

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Transmission#40 - Violet Psalm

As much for the head as the heels this one, 13 impeccable cuts to take us into the beckoning winter. High points abound with sublime pure deep house cuts from Leif & Kuba Sojka alongside punchy grooves from Whitesquare and Hobert. The Ten Walls track, Gotham, has to be a contender for track of the year for me as followers of Deep Transmissions on Twitter will already know. Joyce Muniz deserves mention too for her superb treatment of Maya Jane Coles' Burning Bright, always safe hands on the remix so search out her work on Exploited (or older episodes of this podcast) if you haven't already. Over the next few weeks I'll be archiving shows 1-10 so download them before they're gone, the entire archive will remain available to stream over at Mixcloud however. Finally for something a bit different check out the recent Transmission Ltd 'Hive Mind' on Mixcloud, which is where I post occasional sets which don't necessarily fit the template here.

01. Marvin Belton - Precious (Sam Matters Remix)
02. Leif - Circumstance 4
03. EVM128 ft BB James - Make Me Feel (Palace Remix)
04. Mano Le Tough - Primitive People (Tale of Us Remix)
05. Agoria Feat. Scalde - For One Hour (Paradis Remix)
06. Dosem - Modern Ritual (Supernova Remix)
07. Kuba Sojka - You Can't Take It
08. Trevino - Another Lifetime
09. Maya Jane Coles - Burning Bright (Joyce Muniz Remix)
10. Ten Walls - Gotham
11. Whitesquare - No Sleep
12. Hobert - Sweet Love
13. Armeria - Not The Same (Tanelli Remix)

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Transmission#39 - Control Syndrome

As Deep Transmissions approaches it's 40th episode we're back on familiar ground with a set of 14 tracks that belong to the night. Copy Paste Soul, Codec, Alex Magno & Mistura provide some of the many highlights. Also worthy of mention is the excellent new track by Claes Rosen on LocalTalk, and keeping with the tradition of finishing with something slightly different I've included the superb Jonny Miller remix of 'Be' on Atjazz Records.

01. Billon - Hurt Me
02. Copy Paste Soul - Fly Away
03. Mistura - Smile (Shur-I-Kan Harmonic Dub)
04. Full Intention - Icon
05. Steffani Ritteri & Robosonic - She Was On My Mind
06. Dusky - Mr Man
07. Alex Magno - Clowns
08. Foamo - Release Me
09. Young Hand - Break It Down
10. Rue Jay, Ic3 Cream Social - All Night
11. Codec - Open Mind
12. Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah (Demarkus Lewis Extended Praise mix)
13. Claes Rosen - Daydreaming
14. Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque, DJ Whisky - Be (Jonny Miller Remix)


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 Transmission#38 - Moving On

Something quite different for this one, infact it was going to be a Mixcloud only set owing to the first 3 tracks falling firmly outside of 4/4 territory. Summer has clearly invaded my step and this was produced for the beach on a recent Caribbean session, but because I've been feeling these tracks so much lately, I decided to share it here after all. Note some of the tracks here are Soundcloud only, as I wanted to expose some of the superb music being showcased there by unsigned and less well known producers, notably Benton Dread and Big Bear, both of whom offer up a brace of fantastic tracks here. Indulge me and stay for the whole journey, it's worth it.

01. Benton Dread - Alicia
02. Big Bear - Durante
03. Alison Valentine - Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)
04. Storm Queen - Look Right Through Me (MK Dub III)
05. Ejeca - Rosario
06. Flight Facilities - I Didn't Believe (Tiger & Woods Mix)
07. Wez Saunders, Sherii Ven Dyer - Fire (Grant Nelson Remix)
08. Purple Velvet - Found You
09. Kings Of Tomorrow - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix)
10. Miguel Migs & Lisa Shaw - Heartbeat (Migs Salted Dub)
11. Coat of Arms - Mesmirised Feat. Ria Moran
12. Art Of Tones - Elephants

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Transmission#37 - Black Pitch

In the last transmission before the summer break we slow things down through the first 15 minutes with some fantastic remixes from Jimmy Welsh & Atjazz. The new track Infra by Paume is worthy of mention, particularly as it's his first so expect good things from him in the future. From 15 onwards it's back to business with some shimmering bass grooves from Spirit Catcher, Iron Galaxy & Sexlife and the stunning Au JuJu by Ishmael on Wolf Music. Wrapping things up is the second Romanthony closer in as many episodes, this time with Andre Crom on remix duties with a searing treatment of Ministry Of Love. Back in late July.

01. Maribou State - Tongue (James Welsh Remix)
02. Fred Everything - Mercyless (Atjazz Unreleased Astro Remix)
03. Paume - Infra
04. Spirit Catcher - Black Pitch
05. Iron Galaxy & Sexlife - One Of Us
06. Softwar - One Day (Detroit Swindle Remix)
07. No Artificial Colours - Crying Wolf
08. Prosis, Pablo Fierro - How To Move
09. Helly Larson - Love Is (Deep Spelle Remix)
10. Ishmael - Au JuJu
11. Waze & Odyssey - Please Don't Dance (Detroit Swindle's Basment Dub)
12. Daughter - Get Lucky (Holtoug House Mix)
13. Terrence Pearce - Halcyon
14. Romanthony - Ministry Of Love (Andre Crom Remix)

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