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Following January's excellent guest set from Stuart of NICETRAXUK comes the first installment of the year from me, and with it a reflective mood. Inevitably when doing something for a protracted period of time it can start to feel like a habit, and while music is one I'd never wish to kick, the process of labouring carefully over shows in the hope that they reach, and move people, before hitting 'publish' only realistically to send them off into the ether to be largely ignored alongside a million others each vying for the same slice of limited collective attention span can start to feel a little deflating. It all comes back to one question "why do you do this?" I'm prompted to ask this of myself having seen two other shows I enjoyed finish recently (Leigh Morgan's Urban torque and Doc Scott's Future Beats radio show), and at it's heart that answer has to be "self fulfillment". All the plaudits in the world won't vindicate the effort if you don't feel proud of what you've done, but if you truly feel, and enjoy what you do I think it's easier to be at peace with limited recognition/exposure as you've created it with integrity, which is maybe the key to any success you may find in life.  Anyway without getting too deep about it, this session has found me with a renewed vigour for the music, having delved into the past for some truly special tracks, Shadows by Nick Holder, and Soul Searching 3 by Rasoul, both long overdue a spot on this show. There's also plenty of sumptuous vocal action in the early part of this session. Oh and another first for deep transmissions, the first track to be played on two shows, Evans Above by Dubble D. It was on Stuart's guest mix and blew me away so had to include it here too. Be sure to support it when it comes out later in the month.

01. Nick Holder - Shadows
02. Shur-I-Kan - Kermit's Lodge
03. DJ Rasoul - Soul Searching 3 (Let Me Love You)
04. Nick Holder - Beautiful
05. DuBeats - Tender Love
06. Terri Walker - Missing You (Opolopo remix)
07. Iz & Diz - Little Universe
08. Sondrio - Versey (Black Loops remix)
09. Fish Go Deep - Song For Repaired Piano
10. Double D - Evans Above
11. Jimpster - Ceilings
12. Zepherin Saint - One Sound
13. Riski K - Vibes (Kostya Outta remix)
14. Anja Schneider - All I See
15. Solee - Infinidad (Martin Landsky remix)
16. Portable Sunsets - Straylight (Dave DK remix)
17. Stan Kolev - We Become
18. DJ Koze - Seeing Aliens

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