deep transmissions ..exploring the spectrum of deep house with no chatter. Doing it since '97, the mixes here represent the sound I love. thanks for listening.

A final extended set to close out 2018, this one in collaboration with Monosonics, adds a fourth edition to the Radio Eden series we kicked off back in 2016 and finds more familiar territory following a diversion into more down tempo sounds on the last episode of the series. Too many great tracks here to cherry pick any so I'll just let them speak for themselves.

01 - Billy Eilish - Ocean Eyes (VOWL Remix - MS IntroEdit)
02 - Black Jazz Consortium - 120 Black key Experiment (Continuation Interlude)
03 - RQ - Circle 1
04 - NachtBraker - Jared Fogle 
05 - Junior Revere - Back To Back
06 - Jovonn - Pianos of Gold
07 - Ross From Friends - Squaz
08 - Qubiko, K-909 - These Days
09 - Matt Prehn & Marcus Zuercher - Leavin (LOUP Remix)
10 - Cornelius SA, Jackie Queens, Kususa - Feel It Now (Kususa Remix)
11 - Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (FNX Omar Remix)
12 - Atjazz & Julian Gomes - Don Esquire
13 - Will Saul - By Your Side
14 - Mr fingers - Praise the Vibes
15 - Mango & Tokyo Bay vs KIWAMU - CityLanesAirplanes
16 - Black Loops - French Affair
17 - CPEN & JT Donaldson - Next To You (Marko Militano Remix)
18 - Soul Wun - I Wish I knew
19 - Lonely C - Make America Dub Again
20 - Avi Subban - Things we lose
21 - RQ - Roof Jumping
22 - Huerta - Lounge Lizard
23 - Five Foot Short - Love Or Hate
24 - Pierre Reynolds, Bruce Bailey - Don't Touch That Phone
25 - AFAMOO - Don't Put Me Off 'Til Tomorrow
26 - Lawrence Dix - Stranger

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After some downtime to purge the buffer and re-center this session came together surprisingly quickly. It's composed of some tracks from earlier in the year which I wanted to return to, as well as some newer material, and of particular note is the excellent Transmissions by Lawrence Dix, from his forthcoming 2 track EP on Oh So Coy due out in early December. Also included here is the beautiful selfless state by So Inagawa, whose much loved, and to date, only LP from 2015 is due out on repress in November on Cabaret so that comes highly recommended from me.

01. Maricopa - Sunset Orange
02. Mr Fingers - Full Moon
03. Pierre Johnson - CURE
04. Buddy Love - In Touch
05. Felix Leifur - Pinot Noir 1985
06. Chaos In The CBD - Drum Therapy
07. Rancido, Jaidene Veda - Colors Of Your Love
08. Lawrence Dix - Transmissions
09. Topek - Citizen
10. Harrison BDP - Decompression
11. So Inagawa - Selfless State
12. Andre Lodemann - Metamorphosis
13. Hello Machines - Brokenhearted
14. Kevin Over - Coop
15. Anthony Mea - Brooklyn Love
16. Mutenoise - Midnight (Ashley Beedle 'North Street' remix)

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September sees us dropping a couple of gears to reprise the Collaborative series 'Radio Eden' which I do with Monosonics.

Featuring some lovely music from Leifur James and a distinctly Jazzy spine, this is a collection of smokey room sounds for the small hours.

01. Deeb ft. Asteroid - The Story
02. L'Indecis - Sunrise Drive
03. Deeb - Squba
04. Frameworks - HillSide
05. Leifur James - Argonaut
06. Fourtet - I'm On Fire
07. Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold
08. Boards Of Canada - Olsen
09. Soundpecies - Relax
10. Saine - Down To Earth
11. Emanative - Flip Flop
12. DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz
13. Aso - Seasons
14. Brock Berrigan - Her Smile
15. Leifur James - Time
16. Stan Forebee - Apple Juice
17. Todd Terje & Prins Thomas - Reinbagan

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An extended set for August, inspired largely by a restorative few days in Rhodes where I came across a DJ called Loukas Toumpakis who played a nightly set of beguiling, snaking, trance flecked house which really hit the spot with a bottle of cold Debina. And so it is that the 2hr set assembled here is largely inspired by much of the music I heard during those heady evening sessions as well as other tracks which I feel fit the profile. One such track, Cosmic Clouds by El Sonido Project, who themselves hail from Athens, is also available as a free download from their soundcloud page so head over and give them some support. It was a revelation to discover this track being played by one of their countrymen in Rhodes and even more so to discover it was unsigned!

01. Ross From Friends - Wear Me Down
02. Lunga SA - 003 02
03. Emptyset feat. Cornelius Harris - Altogether Lost (Ripperton's Underground Kingdom mix)
04. Maricopa - Everyday Mysticism
05. Krystyano, Kataa - Hayq
06. El Sonido Project - Cosmic Clouds
07. Rick Wade - Passion Play
08. Look Like - Full Moon Rhythm
09. Mark Alow - Trip To The Lonely Planet
10. Davi - Boarding Call (Hraach remix)
11. Andromo - Door To Life
12. Akayan - Snakes
13. Dale Howard - Pulsar
14. WillowMan, Will Wee, K-Zan - Give Me Five (Will Wee U-Man remix)
15. Arkadiusz-S - Deep Button For Me
16. Midnight Workouts - Loverman (Vincenzo remix)
17. Kora - Nous
18. Andre Bastos, Spuri - Cattleya
19. Peter Makto feat. Kayta - Sharp Lines
20. Donatello - Moon Walk (Stan Kolev remix)
21. Urulu - Heaven Unlimited
22. Supernova - Tuyo (Colombian Club Mix)

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After opening 2018 on Deep Transmissions in fine style Stuart from NiceTraxUK is back with another set packed full of smouldering 35 degrees in the shade house cuts. The label also celebrates the imminent release of the phenomenal Evans Above EP, the title track from which appeared on both the January and February Deep Transmissions shows, such was the impact it made with me. Be sure to keep hitting refresh on this one at all the usual quality vinyl outlets because it'll go much quicker than it arrived. Without further delay pour something cool and hit play on something cooler.

01. Honey Dijon - Burn (Ashley Beedles North St mix)
02. Mike Steva - The Message
03. Joshua Iz - L'After
04. Skymark - Find a Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent mix)
05. Satoshi Tomiie - Bassline
06. Saison - Something Made Me (Werkshy Instrumental mix)
07. Rhythm Formula - Who Needs Enemies
08. Honey Dijon - State of Confusion (Maurice Fulton mix)
09. Jimpster - Lightshine
10. Karizma - Tech This Out Pt 1. (Atjazz mix)
11. Pitto - If You Treat Me Like a Fool
12. Honey Dijon - Look Ahead (Horse Meat Disco's Vauxhall Version)
13. Joshua Iz - J Runnin
14. Karizma - Tech This Out Pt 1 (original)
15. Honey Dijon - Thunda (HNNY Extended remix remastered)

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As we shift into summer this session sees some fine, wonky hiphouse courtesy of a brilliant Brown Sugar edit from Frits Wentink, and standards from much loved producers such as Mano Le Tough, Powel and Dave DK.

01. k2k - We Down For
02. Frits Wentink - Track 3
03. Mar, Malin Genie, Lazare Hoche - Pressure Baby
04. Swales - Sun Fog (Ethyene Rawnelagh mix)
05. LezGuy - 99
06. Powel - Tuesday Blues
07. Hundreds - Un-Unify (Mano Le Tough remix)
08. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Topanga dub)
09. Beatamines - New Fade
10. Magit Cacoon - Nonsense
11. Oliver Schories - Ohm
12. Kled Baken - Cordillera
13. Kiasmos - Blurred
14. Solee - Ghostpunk
15. Jimmy Edgar, Dawn Richard - Burn So Deep (Maya Jane Coles remix)
16. Ki Creighton, The Angel - Free Me
17. La Fleur - Outbreaker

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After a hiatus in April owing to a wonderful spell travelling around southern Peru Deep Transmissions is back and rebooted for the summer. This episode features new and old tracks including a cut from the much awaited 2nd EP on Groovence, regular listeners may recall Bound to the Beat from the first EP back on Episode 73, well it's taken a year for a second EP to emerge so they're not ones for haste but the results speak for themselves with the quality of output they are achieving. Ron Trent also makes an appearance with his wonderful collaboration with Lono Brazil while the long overdue appearance of Dreaming About Tomorrow by Rupeski feat. Mel Blatt finds a home in the final third. I often find it pays to look back for inspiration in order to move forward and this was just the track I heard in my mind when looking for the perfect foil to Juju & Jordash's Neon Swing, another track I've long wanted to include in an episode and possibly the most laid back sounding 140bpm track ever!

01. Detroit Swindle feat. Seven Davis Jr. - Flavourism (Pépé Bradocks' Bittersweet Mix)
02. Black Loops - Higher (Matthieu Faubourd Remix)
03. Scott Diaz - We Reminisce
04. Jus Tadi - Set Free (Intr0beatz Relaxation)
05. Dan Only - Don't You Understand
06. Gaol - Rogue
07. Demuja - J On G
08. Moonee & Tour Maubourg - The Preacher
09. Tidy Daps - Give Me Hope (The Same Old Souls Remix)
10. Kylie Auldist, Si Tew - Jokes On Me (Kyodai Remix)
11. Juju & Jordash - Neon Swing
12. Rupeski feat. Mel Blatt - Dreamin' About Tomorrow (G Dubs Guided by Angels Reprise)
13. Adam Port, Rampa, &Me - Muye (Black Coffee Remix)
14. Lono Brazil, Ron Trent - Manchild (In The Promised Land) (Ron Trent Full Vocal Version)
15. Deeper Phil - Epeng

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2018 is proving to be an inspiring year already. Off the back of a guest mix from NiceTraxUK, and a February session crammed to the brim with incredible music, we have a follow up collaboration with Monosonics where we revisit what we started with Radio Eden Pt I, which is also available on both our pages so I recommend you track it down too if you haven't heard it. The mentality here is simply to riff on the revelatory feel of authentic late 90s Gallic house (before it became commodified and pigeonholed) but expand it to sounds which share that same 4am basement shuffle sensibility. That sweet spot in the small hours where you're so absorbed that the worldly preoccupations beyond those walls dissolve and you become a string on a bow, resonating with the music. I took the first 4 and 9-12 with monosonics handling 5-8 and playing us out from 13-16. Finally do go and check Monosonics here, he has a musical lexicon all his own and, as a fellow stalwart from the Bar Vinyl days where we played together in Camden each Saturday night, he's an authentic voice.

01. Honey Dijon, Tim K, Nomi Ruiz - Love Muscle
02. Llorca - All Right (S3A remix)
03. Soledrifter - Striking
04. Din Jay - Everyday (DuBeats remix)
05. Jaleal Meadows – Fly Away (BPM Instrumental Mix)
06. P.M. Project & Cee Ellassaad – Stay By My Side (Cee Vocal Dub)
07. Brame & Hamo – Clarence (Smooth Mix)
08. Rings Around Saturn – Abarth
09. Sandboards - Nothing But A Freak
10. From P60 with Lisa Shaw - Magic (Chuck Love Dub)
11. Matt D & Lukemberg - It’s Dub Baby
12. Reelsoul - 2morrow
13. Celestial Strangers – Refuge of Dreams
14. Tidy Daps – Rolling
15. Azteca & Bolivar – Living In Bliss
16. Adjust – Flying Dutchman (Diablo Mix)

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Following January's excellent guest set from Stuart of NICETRAXUK comes the first installment of the year from me, and with it a reflective mood. Inevitably when doing something for a protracted period of time it can start to feel like a habit, and while music is one I'd never wish to kick, the process of labouring carefully over shows in the hope that they reach, and move people, before hitting 'publish' only realistically to send them off into the ether to be largely ignored alongside a million others each vying for the same slice of limited collective attention span can start to feel a little deflating. It all comes back to one question "why do you do this?" I'm prompted to ask this of myself having seen two other shows I enjoyed finish recently (Leigh Morgan's Urban torque and Doc Scott's Future Beats radio show), and at it's heart that answer has to be "self fulfillment". All the plaudits in the world won't vindicate the effort if you don't feel proud of what you've done, but if you truly feel, and enjoy what you do I think it's easier to be at peace with limited recognition/exposure as you've created it with integrity, which is maybe the key to any success you may find in life.  Anyway without getting too deep about it, this session has found me with a renewed vigour for the music, having delved into the past for some truly special tracks, Shadows by Nick Holder, and Soul Searching 3 by Rasoul, both long overdue a spot on this show. There's also plenty of sumptuous vocal action in the early part of this session. Oh and another first for deep transmissions, the first track to be played on two shows, Evans Above by Dubble D. It was on Stuart's guest mix and blew me away so had to include it here too. Be sure to support it when it comes out later in the month.

01. Nick Holder - Shadows
02. Shur-I-Kan - Kermit's Lodge
03. DJ Rasoul - Soul Searching 3 (Let Me Love You)
04. Nick Holder - Beautiful
05. DuBeats - Tender Love
06. Terri Walker - Missing You (Opolopo remix)
07. Iz & Diz - Little Universe
08. Sondrio - Versey (Black Loops remix)
09. Fish Go Deep - Song For Repaired Piano
10. Double D - Evans Above
11. Jimpster - Ceilings
12. Zepherin Saint - One Sound
13. Riski K - Vibes (Kostya Outta remix)
14. Anja Schneider - All I See
15. Solee - Infinidad (Martin Landsky remix)
16. Portable Sunsets - Straylight (Dave DK remix)
17. Stan Kolev - We Become
18. DJ Koze - Seeing Aliens

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And so here we are with the first episode of 2018 and a bit special it is too. Regular listeners may remember that wonderful inaugural guest mix by Mark Hand featured last year. Well for this episode we have another guest session, this time from Stuart Partridge of NICETRAXUK, a label which he and Patrick Foley have been running since 2013, and which grew out of a shared love of authentic deep house music (before the term became so nebulous), and the desire to give it a platform. It was clear within minutes of talking with Stuart that he's a journeyman with an enduring passion for music, having started playing in the late 80s, Stuart went on to run the Tweekin records store in San Francisco for 6 years and in that time played with everyone from Mark Farina to Charles Webster. As someone who purchased a fair few releases on Tweekin it is with great pleasure that I am now able to shine a light on NICETRAXUK, please do check the label out on the links below and support this fine imprint.

01. Gauss - Dweller [Ornate Music - forthcoming]
02. Michael Zucker - Narrow Is The Gate - [Finale Sessions - forthcoming]
03. Art Of Tones - I Just(Can't Get Over It) (Terrence Parker remix) [Beer]
04. Lil' Mark - Inevitable [NICETRAXUK - forthcoming]
05. Nathan Haines/Verna Francis - Earth Is The Place (Atjazz remix) [Foliage]
06. Saison - Everybody [Large]
07. Dubble D (aka Moodymanc) - Grande Piazza [Well Cut]
08. Lorenz Rhode - And I Said [Dirt Crew Recordings]
09. Jonno & Tommo - Dirty Nylons [Finale Sessions - forthcoming]
10. Deepkeen - Follow Me (Alex Soltirov Mix) [Different Attitudes]
11. Dubble D (aka Moodymanc) - Evans Above [NICETRAXUK - forthcoming]
12. Groove Assassin - Thinkin' Bout U [Things May Change!]
13. J Cub - Mestizo (Toni Lionni Remix) [NICETRAXUK - forthcoming]
14. Michael Zucker - Just Believe [Finale Sessions - forthcoming]

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