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Transmission#43 - Plexus

For the first episode of 2014 I wanted to present my take on a 'deep progressive' house sound. The idea came about at the tail end of last year, born of a desire to try and recapture a glimpse of that sense of event inherent to those Tenaglia, or Digweed mix CDs which seemed imperious during those heady 'pre podcast' days in the 90s, when the CD reigned supreme as the format of choice for consuming DJ mixes. The counterpoint for this episode is transmission #21 - Rezin, but while that instalment also looked back to some of the classics from my lexicon of progressive 90s house, this episode is all about looking to the present and beyond with a blend of tough stripped down grooves from Dosem & Eric Sneo interspersed with harmonising layers from Navid Mehr & Devangel. It's also front loaded with plenty of melody as a prelude to the driving inertia of the final quarter.

01. Martin Roth - Beautiful Life
02. Della Zouch, S!lk - Inside
03. Tom Middleton - Wyv Auw Chu
04. Magshine - When The Stars Are Falling (Tvardovsky Remix)
05. UVO - False Forms (Khen Remix)
06. Li-Polymer - Sense Of Imperfect Beings
07. Matt Lange, Tania Zygar - Way You Know
08. Andrew Benson - Dope
09. Leo Kane - Epic
10. Dosem - Urban Shelter
11. Navid Mehr - 1984 (Andre Sobota Remix)
12. Eric Sneo - Go (Gabriel D'or Bordoy Remix)
13. Devangel - Phoenix (Adam-P Remix)

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