deep transmissions ..exploring the spectrum of deep house with no chatter. Doing it since '97, the mixes here represent the sound I love. thanks for listening.
Transmission#51 - Polarity

Balance, equilibrium, cohesion. These are constantly recurring themes at play whenever a new episode takes shape. How to tame and shape a spectrum of contrasting moods across 14 or so tracks without jeopardising the journey. It's all about Polarity.

A warm and nostalgic feel to the start to this one, with the gorgeous Satisfaction by Bodhi kicking things off and setting the mood. An excellent Frits Wentink remix and a blistering piece of high impact, percussive 4/4 by Beesmunt Soundsystem stand out too. But it is the Kenny Larkin Detroit Mix of Inner City's Share My Life which is the centrepiece here. One of those rarest of things, a 20 year old record that has resisted both the 'digital revolution' (only available on vinyl) and still sounds like it could have been made this week. Timeless, classy house at its finest.

Special thanks to Joel Gillespie for letting me use his wonderful photo of Amsterdam in the snow in 1978. Visit his photostream at flickr for the narrative behind the photo.

This is the last episode of 2014 so have a great Christmas, thanks for listening and see you in 2015.

01. Bodhi - Satisfaction
02. JTRP - You and Me (Glenn Astro Remix)
03. Nachtbraker - Bluebottle (Frits Wentink Remix)
04. Hackman - Carry On
05. Bwana - Aomame
06. Dave Seaman & One Million Toys - Everything Comes in Threes (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
07. Blakkat - Feel Epic (John Tejada Vocal Mix)
08. Wild Culture - Day To Night (Smash TV Mix)
09. Innercity - Share My Life (Kenny Larkin Detroit Mix)
10. Beesmunt Soundsystem - Amsterdam 808
11. Dusky - Akebono
12. Andreas Saag - In The Box (Drum Track)
13. Harry Wolfman, Ella Chi - On Tap (Waifs & Strays Remix)
14. Aashton - I Can't Shake It

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Transmission#50 - All This Night

Deep Transmissions is now 50 episodes strong and to freshen things up we have moved homes to libsyn, which now means all episodes will remain online to stream and download, no more archiving older shows to make space for the new. If you're new to the show welcome along, if you've found your way over here from podomatic, thanks for keeping with us.

This episode, while a little late owing to the move, takes inspiration from the recent Found night with Joyce Muniz and Maya Jane Coles, with standout tracks from Mia Dora, Ricky Tinez and a sublime track from that man Iron Galaxy whose attention seeker track featured on episode #28 - Hot One Five, was my track of 2012. There's a distinct whiff of sweat and amyl nitrate with some of the bigger tunes in the second half but the snare rolls and klaxons are kept firmly locked up.

This episode is dedicated to Gary, a long term supporter and friend of deep transmissions, get better soon mate.

01. Chris James feat. Ria Moran - Song For Her (Audiojack Dub for Ra)
02. Vincenzo, Minako - Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix)
03. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Ellingfort Road
04. Ricky Tinez - Planet
05. System 2 - Blackjack Hustler
06. Kevin Yost - Day In Day Out
07. Tiger Stripes - Keep a Movin'
08. Mia Dora, Let The Machines Do The Work - Myth
09. Saeed Younan, Filthy Rich - Shamanic Voices (Hermanez remix)
10. Magic Mountain High - Untitled A1
11. London Grammar - If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)
12. Holy Ghost! - Okay (a/just/ed Remix)
13. Sven Vath - L'esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation)
14. Iron Galaxy - Came and Went

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Transmission#49 - The Edge Of Nowhere

One episode shy of the half century and one day shy of October, episode 49 takes a reflective path, with the first 30 minutes covering some deeper, warmer sounds from Kerry Leva, Feral & Stray, and the title cut from the lovely new colours EP by Peter O. The last half elevates the tempo and the mood with some incredible music from Moderat, Valentino Kanzyani and Eartone. If nothing else this podcast aspires to develop a coherent lexicon for expressing the sounds I'm feeling at different points along the way, trying to collate a faithful vision of that with so much excellent music to work with is always a challenge. Thanks for coming along.

01. Dauwd - Lydia
02. Friends In Paris - Waiting (Ashworth Remix)
03. Kerry Leva - You Lied (Chris Domingo Remix)
04. Feral & Stray - Carried Away (Powel Meant It This Time Mix)
05. Peter O - Tea Time
06. Patrick Zigon - Ich See (Pablo Bolivar Rework)
07. Dusky - 4T4
08. Mr Flash - Midnight Blue (Jon Convex Remix)
09. Dhaze - Slices (Ronan Portela Remix)
10. Moderat - Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)
11. O.C Verde - Fugazi
12. Valentino Kanzyani - 8 Agosto
13. Theo Kottis - Waiting Game
14. Eartone - Moving My Roots

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Transmission#48 - Ataraxis

It's been an inspiring month in house music, with stand out sets from La Fleur, at her Watergate 16 launch at Egg London, and Art Department along with Kerri Chandler who turned in excellent sets at the Eastern Electrics one day festival at Hatfield House. This episode continues in that spirit, firmly borrowing from the intricate yet immediate sounds which have been flooding my brain this month. Of special note is the Gardens of God track, 'Gluk', forthcoming on Ten Walls' Boso imprint, and the track La Fleur opened with at Egg, Midland's 'Before We Leave', which has become my favourite of 2014 in short order. A storming brace of cuts by Shenoda courtesy of his new who ver? EP on Man Make Music and the new 'Contemplation' track by Ejeca from his EP of the same name round out a set of 14 sensational tracks.

01. Alex Niggemann - Materium
02. In2Deep - On Rainy Days (Patlac Remix)
03. Midland - Before We Leave
04. H.O.S.H, Andhim - Captain
05. Ejeca - Contemplation
06. Ill Cows - To Me
07. Larsson - Intensions
08. Funk D'Void - Lambo (Juan Deminicis Remix)
09. Gardens Of God - Gluk
10. Shenoda - Yorkie
11. Dusky - Expectations
12. La Fleur - Arms Around (C2 Affected Remix)
13. Shenoda - Who Ver?
14. Beesmunt Soundsystem - How I Wish

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Transmission#47 - Kismet

This sticky late July installment features some excellent vinyl only cuts and a deeper, dub influenced sound. Of special note are the Bodhi, Stump Valley & Leon Vynehall tracks and a gorgeous track from Andres called Hart Plaza which I've wanted to include on an episode for some time, the mood felt right on this one so it rounds things out.

01. Bodhi feat. George the Poet - My City
02. Stump Valley - Hollywood
03. Lake People - Night Drive
04. Vorres - Dry Game
05. Leon Vynehall - Butterflies
06. Lay-Far - New Day, New Light
07. Steve Huerta - Kingsley's Groove
08. Facade - Times Ten
09. Brame, Hamo - Retrospect
10. Manuel Tur - Ara Anam
11. Nick Holder - The Love Vibration
12. Andres - Hart Plaza

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Transmission#46 - Cycle Of Vice

Twelve of the best for this set which already finds us on the cusp of June. Opening with an exclusive track called Distance from the Direction by Mark Hand, a big favourite of mine, and a man whose talent is rivalled only by his generous spirit in providing me with a copy of this new track, which is currently, albeit temporarily I'm sure, unsigned. Listen to Mark's productions over at soundcloud here: Also included is the Wehbba remix of sleepless by Joyce Muniz which has rewarded a wait going back to January with a release on Warung this month. The middle section toughens up with some pulsating tracks by Dj Boris & Julien Sandre & the NT89 track is another sensational piece of simmering, hook laden, deep house. Thanks also to Skyman1882 for turning me onto the DJ Boris track through his continually thoughtful selections which you can find on his mixcloud page over at:

Thanks for listening, let's get into it.

01. Mark Hand - Distance From The Direction (Dub#1)
02. Mashk - Last Breath (Solee Remix)
03. Lorca - Forgive Me Love
04. Rey Aguilar - It's Not Over (Nick Devon Remix)
05. Joyce Muniz - Sleepless (Wehbba Remix)
06. DJ Boris - You Know
07. Julien Sandre - Perception (Luca Agnelli Remix)
08. Tony Lionni, Maria Marcial - Do You Believe (Funk D'void Remix)
09. Alexis Raphael - Exclusive
10. Eric Ericksson - Yuki (Deeper Dub)
11. NT89 - Purple Garden
12. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Breathe

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Transmission#45 - Requiem

This episode is inspired by the recent Tale of us session in London, and features tracks from Ten Walls, Maya Jane Coles and of course Another Earth from their release of the same name. Kicking things off is a current favourite by Leon Vynehall from his excellent new mini LP which came out this month, followed by Cloud City by Powel, a track which I wanted to include on an earlier episode but which finds a fitting home here. The Ida Engberg cut, Silhouette of a ghost is a particular favourite, and is in my opinion the strongest track on her recent Devil Dance EP. Rounding things off is the pick of a burgeoning crop of Sade remixes from Vin Sol & Matrixxman with their edit of Couldn't love you more. This episode is dedicated to Frankie Knuckles who we lost last weekend.

01. Leon Vynehall - St Sinclair
02. Powel - Cloud City
03. Ten Walls - Requiem
04. Sandrino, Frankey - Save
05. Rachel Row - L Square (Adam Port Remix)
06. Casino Times - Principles
07. Snilloc - Najah
08. Kidnap Kid - Stronger
09. Maya Jane Coles - Something In The Air (Dark Sky Remix)
10. Ida Engberg - Silhouette Of A Ghost
11. Tale Of Us - Another Earth
12. Sade - Couldn't Love You More (Vin Sol & Matrixxman Edit)

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Transmission#44 - four four

For episode 44 the name took care of itself, and for the first fully fledged episode of 2014 (committed listeners may have picked up the mixcloud only session 'Equinox' from early Feb) I've consciously tried to avoid tracks which have been wrung out elsewhere regardless of how good they are, hence there's no HNNY 'tears' or Disclosure ft Mary J Blige 'F for You', 2 superb cuts, but ones which you can hear on any good podcast. So instead I've opted for tracks which may have glanced by without receiving the attention they richly deserve. The Mepham remix which opens the set is a firm favourite, as is the simple but absorbing Harlequin by Rootstrax. The middle 3rd fizzes with a dark electricity, before settling into some more delicate grooves courtesy of dt favourite La Fleur, and Porentief. Also included are 2 of my favourite vinyl only releases from last year by M.ono & Loveless and Steve Huerta. Finally rounding things off is the Wookie remix of Disclosures Voices, a 'big' track I couldn't resist. Hit play and immerse.

01. Ashdown - It Must Be Time (Mepham Remix)
02. Rootstrax - Harlequin (808 Dub)
03. Mat Chiavaroli - Before I Go
04. M.ono & Luvless - Auckland Joggers
05. Ferry Ultra, Nicole Russo - Live My Life (Sahin Meyer Lyons Remix)
06. Shall Ocin - Forgive Me
07. The Presets - It's Cool (Andre Bayer & James Grant Remix)
08. Santiago Santamaria - Bitter Soul (Cecyl Mix)
09. Vellico - Pennines
10. La Fleur - Kattflickan
11. Porentief - Freund Der Familie (Rndms Remix)
12. Steve Huerta - Smoky
13. Disclosure - Voices (Wookie Remix)

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Transmission#43 - Plexus

For the first episode of 2014 I wanted to present my take on a 'deep progressive' house sound. The idea came about at the tail end of last year, born of a desire to try and recapture a glimpse of that sense of event inherent to those Tenaglia, or Digweed mix CDs which seemed imperious during those heady 'pre podcast' days in the 90s, when the CD reigned supreme as the format of choice for consuming DJ mixes. The counterpoint for this episode is transmission #21 - Rezin, but while that instalment also looked back to some of the classics from my lexicon of progressive 90s house, this episode is all about looking to the present and beyond with a blend of tough stripped down grooves from Dosem & Eric Sneo interspersed with harmonising layers from Navid Mehr & Devangel. It's also front loaded with plenty of melody as a prelude to the driving inertia of the final quarter.

01. Martin Roth - Beautiful Life
02. Della Zouch, S!lk - Inside
03. Tom Middleton - Wyv Auw Chu
04. Magshine - When The Stars Are Falling (Tvardovsky Remix)
05. UVO - False Forms (Khen Remix)
06. Li-Polymer - Sense Of Imperfect Beings
07. Matt Lange, Tania Zygar - Way You Know
08. Andrew Benson - Dope
09. Leo Kane - Epic
10. Dosem - Urban Shelter
11. Navid Mehr - 1984 (Andre Sobota Remix)
12. Eric Sneo - Go (Gabriel D'or Bordoy Remix)
13. Devangel - Phoenix (Adam-P Remix)

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