deep transmissions ..exploring the spectrum of deep house with no chatter. Doing it since '97, the mixes here represent the sound I love. thanks for listening.

After a hiatus Deep Transmissions is back with a 1.75hr feast of music which has been catching the ear and the mind over the past couple of months. The exemplar of electronic music festivals, Sonar, has again proven to be an inspiration. Hit play and let it take you where it will.

01. Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys Dub)
02. Phaze Dee, Quadrakey - What Deep Of (Quadrakey remix)
03. RedSoul - Cesar's Jam
04. Toni Young - Going On
05. Sade - Kiss Of Life (Jarmey's Edit)
06. Bookwood - Thin Clouds
07. B.A.X - Cloud 7
08. Midnight Workouts - Loverman (Alex Daniell Instrumental mix)
09. Offshore & Coen - Lost
10. Ray Okpara - Everlet (Sascha Dive's NY Downtown remix)
11. Yamil - Amaru
12. 84 bit - Get This (Local Options remix)
13. Daniel Brooks - The Fifth
14. Alex Soltirov - Something To Say
15. Labeuz - Clouds
16. Jarred Gallo - Unify
17. Tommy Boccuto - Fable
18. Cpen - Jus Music
19. Joeski - Extasy
20. Safeword - Be The Light
21. Moullinex, Reset Safari - Deja Vu (Reset Safari remix)

Direct download: Dark_Energy.mp3
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For May we have an exclusive 2 hour guest set from Stuart of NICETRAXUK. Regular listeners to this show will be familiar with Stuart, and the label he runs with Patrick Foley, which has developed a carefully curated back catalog of excellent releases with a firm emphasis on quality, both in the music, and the way it is visually and physically presented, and while the label does release digitally, it is evident that Stuart and Pat take great pride in being able to release their music on vinyl, for those who care enough to want to invest in quality.

Their last release, the Evans Above EP by Dubble D was in my top 3 tracks of 2018 and remains the only track ever to have appeared twice on this show. The theme of this mix has been built around the forthcoming NICE008 release and includes unreleased tracks from it. Enough from me, enjoy 2 hours of early Summer shaped by the sound of Stuart for NICETRAXUK.

Check NICETRAX on the following links:


01. Leigh D Oliver - (Sic) (City Soul Project Remix)
02. DJ Ali featuring Tim Fuller - You Don't Know (Ruff Cut)
03. 95 North - Let Yourself Go (Capitol dub)
04. Alma Negra - This Is The Place (Hugo Mari Remix)
05. Cris Herrera, Tokita, Homero Espinosa - It's You (Dub Mix)
06. Franck Roger - Vabre (Dj Steaw Airdub)
07. Seb Green and DF Mac - The Middle (Tribal Chant mix)*
08. Demarkus Lewis - The Only One (Jesusdapnk Underground Remix)
09. City Soul Project - The Deep (Youen Remix)
10. Karizma - Klearkut
11. JT Donaldson featuring Liv.e - Stay Inside
12. Kevin Yost - Sounds So Good (Original Mix)
13. Look Like - Do You Love?
14. Seb green DF Mac - Enter space*
15. Manuel Tur - Astrakan
16. Saronde - Moyo Mama (Jimpster's Dub)
17. T. Jacques - Optical
18. T. Jacques - XI.XX (Original Mix)
19. The Power Of Three - The Time Is Coming feat Vanessa Freeman - Atjazz "Love Soul" Dub
20. Ron & Manoo - The Sound (Dub)
21. The IT - Breeze
22. Seb Green DF Mac- The middle (Afro Tribal Mix)*
23. The Power Of Three - The Time Is Coming feat Vanessa Freeman - Atjazz "Love Soul" Dub (Outro)

* Nicetraxuk promo

Direct download: Transmission86_-_Guest_Transmission_with_NICETRAXUK.mp3
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With the clocks rolling forward the end of March finds me in a reflective mood with this summer marking the 8th anniversary of Kenny Hawkes' death. The recent re-issue of his track 'Play the game' including an affectionate tribute mix by Luke Solomon in the form of the Space Children extended love mix, has nudged my mind back to all those times spent in the dark with nothing but Kenny's late night alchemy to focus on, and how those were some of the best times I've ever spent on a dancefloor. Each generation, if they are lucky enough, will find their own Kenny Hawkes, an inspirational figure who carries the culture forward by sheer dint of their generosity and talent. I count myself as deeply fortunate to have known this one. So many wonderful cuts on this session but the standout tracks which I have to mention are the opening 'Ride On' by Ali Love and Kenny Glasgow, and the brilliant Daniel Ray remix of I remember Love by Glass Slipper.

01. Ali Love, Kenny Glasgow - Ride On
02. Eric Ericksson - Sea Point
03. Andy Hart - Merkin
04. Philip Budny - Somnambulism
05. Intr0beatz - Mandolinio
06. Black Loops, Nikos Haropoulos - 7Hills
07. Danijiel Kevic - Hold It Down
08. Meltronic - The Old Me
09. Glass Slipper - I Remember Love (Daniel Ray remix)
10. Chopstick & Johnson - Sometimes
11. Steve Hammer - Compose
12. Madloch, Subnode - Shadow People
13. New Jackson - By Its Own Light
14. Clavis - Boyd
15. Kornum & Karma - Fresh NY Talent
16. Boogie Rapture, Nathan G - In My Arms (Nathan G Re-Feel)

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First session of 2019 assumes a deep, dreamlike state for much of the session, with an appearance from one of my favourite early 00s tracks, the Charles Webster trumpet dub of Thru 2 u by Echomen, as well as plenty of tender and tasty morsels from &ME, Karol XII & MB Valence, and long time favourite here at Deep Transmissions, Mark Hand.

 01. Rodriguez Jr feat. Liset Alea - Take a Walk
02. Echomen - Thru 2 You (Charles Webster Trumpet Dub)
03. Mark Hand feat. Sio - Under The Winter
04. Powel - On a Whale Through The Desert
05. &Me - The Rapture Pt. II
06. White Leaf, Hosini - Limerence (Hosini Remix)
07. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Aqua (Jackspeare Original Interpretation)
08. Innsæi & LØC - Je Vole
09. Zoo Brazil - Gone & Out
10. Theo Kottis - Ciro
11. Late Nite Cancerian - Futurism
12. Kaznova, Rona Ray, Rodamaal - Look What You've Done (Rocco Rodamaal Dubwork)
13. Jimpster - Simmering Down
14. &Me - As Above So Below
15. Maya Jane Coles - Other Side
16. Dodi Palese - Erika
17. Tim Weeks - Illuminate
18. Taka Boom, Chaka Khan, DJ Onionz - Groove Like That (DJ Onionz Remix)

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A final extended set to close out 2018, this one in collaboration with Monosonics, adds a fourth edition to the Radio Eden series we kicked off back in 2016 and finds more familiar territory following a diversion into more down tempo sounds on the last episode of the series. Too many great tracks here to cherry pick any so I'll just let them speak for themselves.

01 - Billy Eilish - Ocean Eyes (VOWL Remix - MS IntroEdit)
02 - Black Jazz Consortium - 120 Black key Experiment (Continuation Interlude)
03 - RQ - Circle 1
04 - NachtBraker - Jared Fogle 
05 - Junior Revere - Back To Back
06 - Jovonn - Pianos of Gold
07 - Ross From Friends - Squaz
08 - Qubiko, K-909 - These Days
09 - Matt Prehn & Marcus Zuercher - Leavin (LOUP Remix)
10 - Cornelius SA, Jackie Queens, Kususa - Feel It Now (Kususa Remix)
11 - Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (FNX Omar Remix)
12 - Atjazz & Julian Gomes - Don Esquire
13 - Will Saul - By Your Side
14 - Mr fingers - Praise the Vibes
15 - Mango & Tokyo Bay vs KIWAMU - CityLanesAirplanes
16 - Black Loops - French Affair
17 - CPEN & JT Donaldson - Next To You (Marko Militano Remix)
18 - Soul Wun - I Wish I knew
19 - Lonely C - Make America Dub Again
20 - Avi Subban - Things we lose
21 - RQ - Roof Jumping
22 - Huerta - Lounge Lizard
23 - Five Foot Short - Love Or Hate
24 - Pierre Reynolds, Bruce Bailey - Don't Touch That Phone
25 - AFAMOO - Don't Put Me Off 'Til Tomorrow
26 - Lawrence Dix - Stranger

Direct download: Radio_Eden_IV.mp3
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After some downtime to purge the buffer and re-center this session came together surprisingly quickly. It's composed of some tracks from earlier in the year which I wanted to return to, as well as some newer material, and of particular note is the excellent Transmissions by Lawrence Dix, from his forthcoming 2 track EP on Oh So Coy due out in early December. Also included here is the beautiful selfless state by So Inagawa, whose much loved, and to date, only LP from 2015 is due out on repress in November on Cabaret so that comes highly recommended from me.

01. Maricopa - Sunset Orange
02. Mr Fingers - Full Moon
03. Pierre Johnson - CURE
04. Buddy Love - In Touch
05. Felix Leifur - Pinot Noir 1985
06. Chaos In The CBD - Drum Therapy
07. Rancido, Jaidene Veda - Colors Of Your Love
08. Lawrence Dix - Transmissions
09. Topek - Citizen
10. Harrison BDP - Decompression
11. So Inagawa - Selfless State
12. Andre Lodemann - Metamorphosis
13. Hello Machines - Brokenhearted
14. Kevin Over - Coop
15. Anthony Mea - Brooklyn Love
16. Mutenoise - Midnight (Ashley Beedle 'North Street' remix)

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September sees us dropping a couple of gears to reprise the Collaborative series 'Radio Eden' which I do with Monosonics.

Featuring some lovely music from Leifur James and a distinctly Jazzy spine, this is a collection of smokey room sounds for the small hours.

01. Deeb ft. Asteroid - The Story
02. L'Indecis - Sunrise Drive
03. Deeb - Squba
04. Frameworks - HillSide
05. Leifur James - Argonaut
06. Fourtet - I'm On Fire
07. Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold
08. Boards Of Canada - Olsen
09. Soundpecies - Relax
10. Saine - Down To Earth
11. Emanative - Flip Flop
12. DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz
13. Aso - Seasons
14. Brock Berrigan - Her Smile
15. Leifur James - Time
16. Stan Forebee - Apple Juice
17. Todd Terje & Prins Thomas - Reinbagan

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An extended set for August, inspired largely by a restorative few days in Rhodes where I came across a DJ called Loukas Toumpakis who played a nightly set of beguiling, snaking, trance flecked house which really hit the spot with a bottle of cold Debina. And so it is that the 2hr set assembled here is largely inspired by much of the music I heard during those heady evening sessions as well as other tracks which I feel fit the profile. One such track, Cosmic Clouds by El Sonido Project, who themselves hail from Athens, is also available as a free download from their soundcloud page so head over and give them some support. It was a revelation to discover this track being played by one of their countrymen in Rhodes and even more so to discover it was unsigned!

01. Ross From Friends - Wear Me Down
02. Lunga SA - 003 02
03. Emptyset feat. Cornelius Harris - Altogether Lost (Ripperton's Underground Kingdom mix)
04. Maricopa - Everyday Mysticism
05. Krystyano, Kataa - Hayq
06. El Sonido Project - Cosmic Clouds
07. Rick Wade - Passion Play
08. Look Like - Full Moon Rhythm
09. Mark Alow - Trip To The Lonely Planet
10. Davi - Boarding Call (Hraach remix)
11. Andromo - Door To Life
12. Akayan - Snakes
13. Dale Howard - Pulsar
14. WillowMan, Will Wee, K-Zan - Give Me Five (Will Wee U-Man remix)
15. Arkadiusz-S - Deep Button For Me
16. Midnight Workouts - Loverman (Vincenzo remix)
17. Kora - Nous
18. Andre Bastos, Spuri - Cattleya
19. Peter Makto feat. Kayta - Sharp Lines
20. Donatello - Moon Walk (Stan Kolev remix)
21. Urulu - Heaven Unlimited
22. Supernova - Tuyo (Colombian Club Mix)

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After opening 2018 on Deep Transmissions in fine style Stuart from NiceTraxUK is back with another set packed full of smouldering 35 degrees in the shade house cuts. The label also celebrates the imminent release of the phenomenal Evans Above EP, the title track from which appeared on both the January and February Deep Transmissions shows, such was the impact it made with me. Be sure to keep hitting refresh on this one at all the usual quality vinyl outlets because it'll go much quicker than it arrived. Without further delay pour something cool and hit play on something cooler.

01. Honey Dijon - Burn (Ashley Beedles North St mix)
02. Mike Steva - The Message
03. Joshua Iz - L'After
04. Skymark - Find a Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent mix)
05. Satoshi Tomiie - Bassline
06. Saison - Something Made Me (Werkshy Instrumental mix)
07. Rhythm Formula - Who Needs Enemies
08. Honey Dijon - State of Confusion (Maurice Fulton mix)
09. Jimpster - Lightshine
10. Karizma - Tech This Out Pt 1. (Atjazz mix)
11. Pitto - If You Treat Me Like a Fool
12. Honey Dijon - Look Ahead (Horse Meat Disco's Vauxhall Version)
13. Joshua Iz - J Runnin
14. Karizma - Tech This Out Pt 1 (original)
15. Honey Dijon - Thunda (HNNY Extended remix remastered)

Direct download: Transmission79_-_Guest_Transmission_with_NICETRAXUK.mp3
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As we shift into summer this session sees some fine, wonky hiphouse courtesy of a brilliant Brown Sugar edit from Frits Wentink, and standards from much loved producers such as Mano Le Tough, Powel and Dave DK.

01. k2k - We Down For
02. Frits Wentink - Track 3
03. Mar, Malin Genie, Lazare Hoche - Pressure Baby
04. Swales - Sun Fog (Ethyene Rawnelagh mix)
05. LezGuy - 99
06. Powel - Tuesday Blues
07. Hundreds - Un-Unify (Mano Le Tough remix)
08. Active Child - Johnny Belinda (Dave DK Topanga dub)
09. Beatamines - New Fade
10. Magit Cacoon - Nonsense
11. Oliver Schories - Ohm
12. Kled Baken - Cordillera
13. Kiasmos - Blurred
14. Solee - Ghostpunk
15. Jimmy Edgar, Dawn Richard - Burn So Deep (Maya Jane Coles remix)
16. Ki Creighton, The Angel - Free Me
17. La Fleur - Outbreaker

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After a hiatus in April owing to a wonderful spell travelling around southern Peru Deep Transmissions is back and rebooted for the summer. This episode features new and old tracks including a cut from the much awaited 2nd EP on Groovence, regular listeners may recall Bound to the Beat from the first EP back on Episode 73, well it's taken a year for a second EP to emerge so they're not ones for haste but the results speak for themselves with the quality of output they are achieving. Ron Trent also makes an appearance with his wonderful collaboration with Lono Brazil while the long overdue appearance of Dreaming About Tomorrow by Rupeski feat. Mel Blatt finds a home in the final third. I often find it pays to look back for inspiration in order to move forward and this was just the track I heard in my mind when looking for the perfect foil to Juju & Jordash's Neon Swing, another track I've long wanted to include in an episode and possibly the most laid back sounding 140bpm track ever!

01. Detroit Swindle feat. Seven Davis Jr. - Flavourism (Pépé Bradocks' Bittersweet Mix)
02. Black Loops - Higher (Matthieu Faubourd Remix)
03. Scott Diaz - We Reminisce
04. Jus Tadi - Set Free (Intr0beatz Relaxation)
05. Dan Only - Don't You Understand
06. Gaol - Rogue
07. Demuja - J On G
08. Moonee & Tour Maubourg - The Preacher
09. Tidy Daps - Give Me Hope (The Same Old Souls Remix)
10. Kylie Auldist, Si Tew - Jokes On Me (Kyodai Remix)
11. Juju & Jordash - Neon Swing
12. Rupeski feat. Mel Blatt - Dreamin' About Tomorrow (G Dubs Guided by Angels Reprise)
13. Adam Port, Rampa, &Me - Muye (Black Coffee Remix)
14. Lono Brazil, Ron Trent - Manchild (In The Promised Land) (Ron Trent Full Vocal Version)
15. Deeper Phil - Epeng

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2018 is proving to be an inspiring year already. Off the back of a guest mix from NiceTraxUK, and a February session crammed to the brim with incredible music, we have a follow up collaboration with Monosonics where we revisit what we started with Radio Eden Pt I, which is also available on both our pages so I recommend you track it down too if you haven't heard it. The mentality here is simply to riff on the revelatory feel of authentic late 90s Gallic house (before it became commodified and pigeonholed) but expand it to sounds which share that same 4am basement shuffle sensibility. That sweet spot in the small hours where you're so absorbed that the worldly preoccupations beyond those walls dissolve and you become a string on a bow, resonating with the music. I took the first 4 and 9-12 with monosonics handling 5-8 and playing us out from 13-16. Finally do go and check Monosonics here, he has a musical lexicon all his own and, as a fellow stalwart from the Bar Vinyl days where we played together in Camden each Saturday night, he's an authentic voice.

01. Honey Dijon, Tim K, Nomi Ruiz - Love Muscle
02. Llorca - All Right (S3A remix)
03. Soledrifter - Striking
04. Din Jay - Everyday (DuBeats remix)
05. Jaleal Meadows – Fly Away (BPM Instrumental Mix)
06. P.M. Project & Cee Ellassaad – Stay By My Side (Cee Vocal Dub)
07. Brame & Hamo – Clarence (Smooth Mix)
08. Rings Around Saturn – Abarth
09. Sandboards - Nothing But A Freak
10. From P60 with Lisa Shaw - Magic (Chuck Love Dub)
11. Matt D & Lukemberg - It’s Dub Baby
12. Reelsoul - 2morrow
13. Celestial Strangers – Refuge of Dreams
14. Tidy Daps – Rolling
15. Azteca & Bolivar – Living In Bliss
16. Adjust – Flying Dutchman (Diablo Mix)

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Following January's excellent guest set from Stuart of NICETRAXUK comes the first installment of the year from me, and with it a reflective mood. Inevitably when doing something for a protracted period of time it can start to feel like a habit, and while music is one I'd never wish to kick, the process of labouring carefully over shows in the hope that they reach, and move people, before hitting 'publish' only realistically to send them off into the ether to be largely ignored alongside a million others each vying for the same slice of limited collective attention span can start to feel a little deflating. It all comes back to one question "why do you do this?" I'm prompted to ask this of myself having seen two other shows I enjoyed finish recently (Leigh Morgan's Urban torque and Doc Scott's Future Beats radio show), and at it's heart that answer has to be "self fulfillment". All the plaudits in the world won't vindicate the effort if you don't feel proud of what you've done, but if you truly feel, and enjoy what you do I think it's easier to be at peace with limited recognition/exposure as you've created it with integrity, which is maybe the key to any success you may find in life.  Anyway without getting too deep about it, this session has found me with a renewed vigour for the music, having delved into the past for some truly special tracks, Shadows by Nick Holder, and Soul Searching 3 by Rasoul, both long overdue a spot on this show. There's also plenty of sumptuous vocal action in the early part of this session. Oh and another first for deep transmissions, the first track to be played on two shows, Evans Above by Dubble D. It was on Stuart's guest mix and blew me away so had to include it here too. Be sure to support it when it comes out later in the month.

01. Nick Holder - Shadows
02. Shur-I-Kan - Kermit's Lodge
03. DJ Rasoul - Soul Searching 3 (Let Me Love You)
04. Nick Holder - Beautiful
05. DuBeats - Tender Love
06. Terri Walker - Missing You (Opolopo remix)
07. Iz & Diz - Little Universe
08. Sondrio - Versey (Black Loops remix)
09. Fish Go Deep - Song For Repaired Piano
10. Double D - Evans Above
11. Jimpster - Ceilings
12. Zepherin Saint - One Sound
13. Riski K - Vibes (Kostya Outta remix)
14. Anja Schneider - All I See
15. Solee - Infinidad (Martin Landsky remix)
16. Portable Sunsets - Straylight (Dave DK remix)
17. Stan Kolev - We Become
18. DJ Koze - Seeing Aliens

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And so here we are with the first episode of 2018 and a bit special it is too. Regular listeners may remember that wonderful inaugural guest mix by Mark Hand featured last year. Well for this episode we have another guest session, this time from Stuart Partridge of NICETRAXUK, a label which he and Patrick Foley have been running since 2013, and which grew out of a shared love of authentic deep house music (before the term became so nebulous), and the desire to give it a platform. It was clear within minutes of talking with Stuart that he's a journeyman with an enduring passion for music, having started playing in the late 80s, Stuart went on to run the Tweekin records store in San Francisco for 6 years and in that time played with everyone from Mark Farina to Charles Webster. As someone who purchased a fair few releases on Tweekin it is with great pleasure that I am now able to shine a light on NICETRAXUK, please do check the label out on the links below and support this fine imprint.

01. Gauss - Dweller [Ornate Music - forthcoming]
02. Michael Zucker - Narrow Is The Gate - [Finale Sessions - forthcoming]
03. Art Of Tones - I Just(Can't Get Over It) (Terrence Parker remix) [Beer]
04. Lil' Mark - Inevitable [NICETRAXUK - forthcoming]
05. Nathan Haines/Verna Francis - Earth Is The Place (Atjazz remix) [Foliage]
06. Saison - Everybody [Large]
07. Dubble D (aka Moodymanc) - Grande Piazza [Well Cut]
08. Lorenz Rhode - And I Said [Dirt Crew Recordings]
09. Jonno & Tommo - Dirty Nylons [Finale Sessions - forthcoming]
10. Deepkeen - Follow Me (Alex Soltirov Mix) [Different Attitudes]
11. Dubble D (aka Moodymanc) - Evans Above [NICETRAXUK - forthcoming]
12. Groove Assassin - Thinkin' Bout U [Things May Change!]
13. J Cub - Mestizo (Toni Lionni Remix) [NICETRAXUK - forthcoming]
14. Michael Zucker - Just Believe [Finale Sessions - forthcoming]

Direct download: Guest_Transmission_with_NICETRAXUK.mp3
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As the finish line on 2017 comes into view we've another transmission clocking in at just shy of the 2 hour mark to usher in turkey time. No Bradley Walsh christmas covers here though, just a selection of all I'm loving right now, both current, and a little further back. Highlights are the Twice Movement cut, Bound to the Beat, taken from the hens teeth Cosmic Groove EP on Groovence out of France. Thanks to Thibaut from the label for hooking me up on this as I completely missed the 12" when it dropped and there are very few around now. Also finally got to include 'Lights Go Out' from the perenially superb Trevor Deep Jr, a constant favourite of mine. The KiNK and DJ Seinfeld tracks are also worth a mention, particularly as the Seinfeld LP which came out this month has been a contender for house LP of the year for me. This is the last transmission of the year so thanks for listening and here's to 2018.

1. Lukas Lyrestam - Hang Around (Powel remix)
2. Roberto Palmero, Matt Prehn - This No (Matt Prehn Dark Rub)
3. Twice Movement - Bound To The Beat
4. Erik Ellman - Ease Harmony (M.ono remix)
5. Scott Diaz & Max Footwork - There's No Time To Waste
6. Twolegs, Kaytronik, Karizma - Worth It (Kaytronik's Worth It Dub)
7. Kisch, Leela D, Alice Klark - Flame (Alice Clark remix)
8. Hyenah, Nonku - Phases
9. Jaidene Veda, Ursula Rucker, Nick Holder - Humble Pie (Inst.)
10. Phase Dee - Nightpath
11. La Deep - Savoury
12. DJ Seinfeld - Too Late for U and M1
13. Joyce Muniz - Mushroom Disco
14. Guri, Eider - Black Hole (Carlos Sanchez remix)
15. DJ Hell - Guede (Joyce Muniz remix)
16. Octo Octa - Adrift (Dorisburg remix)
17. Earth Trax - I Gave You Everything
18. Bambook - Not The One (Flashmob remix)
19. Trevor Deep Jr - Lights Go Out
20. Raär - Räve
21. KiNK - Yom Thorke


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This episode is an extended set reflecting all that's transpired since last month's. The inspiration for it comes from a perception bending 3 week trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, and the cover photo was taken 36,000ft above the Caspian coastal plains of Iran chasing a cloudless dusk. So much special music to chew over here from the latest release by Balaphonic (aka Moodymanc) through to an array of vinyl only tracks by Tobi Danton, Harrison BDP, Telfort and Malouane, and of course something a bit different to close the set out from Tee Mango. The first part of the mix represents some of the music which soundtracked a mesmerising, blazingly humid few days in Cambodia while the spine forages from more familiar territory to listeners of deep transmissions. Finally watch out for the 'Soulfuric Acid' EP on NicetraxUK due out in November exclusively through Juno, and which will no doubt feature on the next show.

1. Kareem Lotfy - Fr3sh
2. Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen
3. Laurence Guy feat. Steve Spacek - Drum Is A Woman
4. Balaphonic - Sunflowers In Dub
5. Delakeyz - Our Roots
6. Leon Revol - Outside
7. Malouane - Discovery One 404
8. Prophets of a New Generation - Seek And You Will Find
9. Lil' Mark & Jcub - Epic 40
10. Telfort - Until Now (Julius Steinhoff version)
11. Harrison BDP - It's Foggy Outside
12. Dodi Palese - Slightly
13. Dwson - Luna
14. Tobi Danton - NYC Days
15. DJ Aakmael - Mood Capacity
16. Nils Penner, Johnjon - Multa (Johnjon remix)
17. Chromatic Filters - Slow Emotions (Fouk remix)
18. Demarkus Lewis - Ain't Nobody Else
19. Byron The Aquarius - Song For a Friend
20. Nachtbraker - Hamdi
21. Tee Mango - I See You Dancin'

Direct download: Caspian.mp3
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Late in the month and already finding us contemplating the downswing into the rainy season, this session kicks off with the sumptuous opener from Dauwds recent LP 'Theory Of Colours' before traversing excellent new tracks by Closed Paradise, forthcoming on Fina, Stan Serkin, forthcoming on F*CLR, and the long overdue inclusion of the underground mix of Freedom Train by Groovestyle, a track the wonderful Kenny Hawkes pretty much made his own.

1. Dauwd - Macadam Therapy
2. Couros - Circles
3. Closed Paradise - Praise
4. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - Bubbles Floating In The Sky
5. LTS - Drifting (Nathan G Dub Paradiso)
6. Grant - The Depth
7. Pepe - Bay Moon
8. Demuja - Sugar
9. JohNick - Good Time
10. Eli Escobar - Seein You (Saison remix)
11. Groovestyle - Freedom Train (Underground mix)
12. Stan Serkin - Save Me
13. James Dexter - Have It Like That
14. Strandtuch - Dreamland

Direct download: Last_Stop.mp3
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Originally intended for release in May this one has taken a little longer than expected, owing in part to some last minute discoveries upsetting the order of things. I just had to include the lovely new remix of Vanilla Ace's Get It On by Scott Diaz. There's a bit of everything here, reassuringly deep out of the blocks, moving through accents of jazz and restrained disco via the AMIR and Vanilla Ace tracks, and then down into the deepest of subterranean recesses with Homepark, Nthng & Ben Sims.

These are troubled times but there's always respite to be had in good music, and along with love and compassion it's just about the finest gift we have to give.

1. Slacker - See Yourself
2. Atjazz - Dry Red Line
3. Sweely - All The Reasons
4. Goshawk - High In The Evergreens
5. Awanto 3 - Pregnant
6. Vanilla Ace - Get It On (Scott Diaz 'Hint of Disco' remix)
7. Jay Potter - Such An Ease
8. Thatmanmonkz - Got 2 Get 2 (Ducktape Dub)
9. Jimpster - Where You Are
10. AMIR - The Monologue (DJ Aaakmael Unxpozd mix)
11. Homepark - RFMS
12. Nthng - 1996
13. Huxley - Callin'
14. Ben Sims pres. Ron Bacardi - Rock Your Body
15. Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance (TCK mix)
16. Karim Sahraoui - White Horse
17. Christoph - Alone
18. Shanti Celeste - Make Time
19. Bicep - Closing Sequence


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This episode has been a little delayed as there were so many vinyl releases I wanted to fit in but now it's here there's a distinct nod to the past with some timeless material from Ron Trent, After Hours and Freeform Five, giving way to newer material from Marquis Hawkes, Rimbaudian & Lootbeg. Of special mention are the always essential treatments by Mark Hand, and Goshawk who serves up a gorgeous vocal production, 'My Heart', which will set up basecamp in your brain after the first listen. Finally a brace of crackers from Baltra, who I should have featured sooner, rounds things out.

1. Marcel Vogel - Human Being (NY*AK feat Mark Hand remix)
2. Ron Trent - Hooked On Your Love (1984)
3. After Hours - Waterfalls (4 A.M. Mix)
4. Howling - Phases (Club Edit)
5. Freeform Five - One Day (Salt City Orchestra mix)
6. Lootbeg - Float
7. Long Island Sound - Field Echoes
8. Munro - Midnight Rhythm
9. Compuphonic - Slow Bilbao
10. Schatrax - Mispent Years
11. Goshawk - My Heart (Feat. Astral T)
12. Kings Of Tomorrow - Closer (feat. Alex Mills)
13. Rimbaudian - Drop it On Em
14. Joy Orbison - Right Ov
15. Baltra - Tears Drop
16. Marquis Hawkes - The Burning Light
17. Baltra - Untitled (A)

Direct download: Burning_Light.mp3
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Best foot forward for 2017 with another tale of two halves spun over a 19 track set taking you through some of my favourite downtempo cuts, including a brace of tracks by Fatdog, both culled from the excellent recent EP on the eponymously titled label. The second half navigates the early hours with incredible tracks from the likes of Paul Woolford, Mark Henning, and a simply mesmeric cut by Michael Mayer & Kolsch.

1. Purple Velvet - Live At The Mill
2. 2 Bit Crew - Your Sun Belongs To Me
3. Fatdog - Down
4. Salt City Orchestra Feat. Derrick Carter - Got Change For a Twenty
5. Fatdog - Oh God
6. Kid Fonque & D. Malice - Life Is Real feat. Ruby White (Kid Fonque Refix)
7. Laurence Guy - Love & Be Loved
8. Central - Twice The Space In Space
9. Strandtuch - Copa
10. Michael Ashe - I Don't Know (Charles Webster Remix)
11. Earth Trax - Los Conquistadores
12. Trevor Deep Jr - Prince Of Helsinki
13. Michael Mayer & Kolsch - Dogma 1
14. Paul Woolford - Heaven & Earth (Part 1)
15. Jesper Dahlback - What Is The Time Mr Templar
16. Mark Henning - Jaguar
17. Fred P - Energy Soul
18. Sam Smith - Like I Can (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
19. Ambivalent - Daylights

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Transmission#67 - Guest Transmission with Mark Hand

Back in March I did something unprecedented and approached a guest musician, whose work I had been avowedly into for some time, to see if he would be up for doing a mix for Deep Transmissions.

The man in question, Mark Hand, possesses a portfolio of exquisitely crafted music, with immaculate releases on Signals, Fatdog and Vicario records, alongside playing keys for King Bee, and readying a forthcoming second EP for Fatdog.

In spite of this, and his ongoing sound engineering engagements, he still found time to put this together which says as much for Mark as a person as it does a musician. So without further delay it is my great pleasure to share this very special guest transmission by Mark Hand.

You've had the wait, now enjoy the good thing.

Be sure to check Mark at the following spaces for more uncommonly good music:

1. Floating Points - For Marmish (Pluto)
2. Jordan Blacksmith - Naja (Transfigured Time)
3. Leif - Every Cloud (Ornate Music)
4. Kevin Reynolds - Fembehyaget (Yoruba Records)
5. NY*AK (Featuring Mark Hand & Musumami) - Shadow (Technicolour/Ninja Tune)
6. Moony Me - Daydreamin' (Vicario LTD)
7. Genius of Time - Gliese 581g (Aniara Recordings)
8. Mark Hand - Assumptions (Fatdog Records)
9. Fatdog - Why U* (Mark Hand *rhodes piano) (forthcoming on Fatdog Records)
10. NY*AK & Mark Hand - Can't You See (Vicario LTD)
11. Tenderlonius - Contrast (Transfigured Time)
12. Soulphiction - Roots revisited (Freud-am-Tanzen Recordings)
13. Beady Belle - When my anger starts to cry (Universal International)
14. Timeline - Moment in Marseille (Underground Resistance)
15. Arnheim - Late night in the loft (Austere)
16. Talk Talk - Happiness is Easy (12"mix) (EMI)
17. Four Hands - Sea of Love (interlude) (Signals)
18. Timeline - Light my Fire (Underground Resistance)
19. Four Hands - Sea of Love (outro) (Signals)

Direct download: Mark_Hands_Guest_Podcast_for_Deep_Transmissions.mp3
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Transmission#66 - Vamp

It's been a bumpy ride this year for regular instalments, but you know what they say about familiarity breeding contempt and good things coming to those who.. anyway to atone this extended 19 track set brings you what is very much a mix of 2 halves. The first one taking you on a warm, honeyed meander through an array of uncommonly good vocal house productions, referencing the deeper side of Tony Humphries inspired garage courtesy of Javonntte's 'These Words', to the melancholia of Derrick Carter and Salt City Orchestra's 'Got Change For a Twenty', which resonates throughout Ugly Drums' 'Change The Key'. Then, from around 40 minutes in things take a more hypnotic turn before coming full circle.

1. Ugly Drums & Lady Blacktronika - Change The Key
2. Roberto Rodriguez - Broken (Berger & Young remix)
3. Huerta - Mandala
4. Javonntte - These Words
5. Die Roh - Coming Out
6. Kevin Yost - Can't You See
7. Mr Ks - Closer
8. KiNK - Valentine's Groove
9. LMYE - Manhattan (Shanti Celeste remix)
10. Roberto Rodriguez - Be Yourself
11. Ross From Friends - Gettin' It Done
12. Jacob Korn- Holiday
13. Studioheist - All My Love
14. Lil Silva - Lines (George Fitzgerald remix)
15. Yacine DessoukiUnidos (Sis remix)
16. YES SET - Wolfgang (DJ Balduin remix)
17. Leafar Legov - Cenote
18. Black Loops - Sex
19. Urulu - Cool Chris

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Transmission#65 - A.M Revolution

After a couple of months hiatus we return with 14 cuts of the finest techno and progressive house flavours to have been doing it at DT towers! The Antigone, North Lake and Fort Romeau tracks are big favourites, as is the recent track by Sanna La Fleur, Waves, which has a prescription only bassline, clearly made for sweating in the darkness. Also worth a mention is D Bridge new recording, produced under his DBRM alias, a sumptuous meandering string laden epic which kick things off.

01. DBRM - The Third Room
02. La Fleur - Waves
03. Robert Babicz feat B. James - Narcoleptic Super Soul (Mr Glass & Peter Roots remix)
04. Vrsion - Capricorn Meet Leo (The Persuader remix)
05. Glyn - Identity Switch
06. Antigone - The Wizard
07. Titonton - Provocative (Maarten Mittendorff & Jasper Wolff Re-construct V2)
08. Fort Romeau - Secrets & Lies
09. Argy, Mama - Without Me (Alan Fitzpatrick remix)
10. Marc Marzenit - 9909LA (Christian Smith's Filtered dub mix)
11. Rodriguez Jr. - Mistral (Marc Romboy's Trip To Jupiter)
12. North Lake - Griswold
13. Distant Echoes - Road
14. Virginia - Raverd (Extended)

Direct download: A.M_Revolution.mp3
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Transmission#64 - The Hush

This episode has taken longer than expected owing to a huge backlog of music which I couldn't ignore and as a result it is an extended set. Clocking in just shy of the 2 hour mark there's plenty to get excited about here, from a track off the excellent new Mark Hand Peripherals EP on Fat Dog to a forthcoming cut from Igor Jadranin on Ashley Beedle's Back To The World imprint which blazing a trail at the moment. Also worthy of mention is a mindblowingly moody new cut by Mike Khayata on the criminally obscure Departures label and a brace of tracks by Kevin Yost who always gets it right in my book. Enough chatter, ease into a set that marks 5 years of Deep Transmissions this month, what's that about time slipping by like quicksilver?

01. NY*AK - Goodbye
02. Bakradze - Sea Of Steps (HVL Space Edit)
03. Chronicles - Met You (M.K Clive's Deep Remix)
04. Flabaire - Morning Drama
05. Kevin Yost - Promise
06. NY*AK - Shadow (feat. Mark Hand and Misumami)
07. Mall Grab - Happiness
08. Mike Khayata - Night In Tunesia
09. Igor Jadranin - Boulevardd
10. Lil Tony - Joakims Groove
11. 25 Places - Visual Basic
12. Anthony Naples - Smacks
13. Mark Hand - Another Broken Sunday
14. Kevin Yost - Make Love True
15. Nudge Phonograph Co. - Sweet
16. Waterson - Tell Me (KDA club edit)
17. Cottam - Washed Out
18. Junktion - Breakfast At Midnight (Brame & Hamo remix)
19. KRL - Tell Me Why
20. DJ Aakmael - Fourpoint-5
21. Boo Williams - Accellerate (Andres remix)

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Transmission#63 - Radio Eden

A new year brings a fresh approach for the first intallment of 2016 with a meandering, meditative journey through the undulating furrows of late 90s influenced sounds, imbued with the echo's of jazz, disco and 80s synth by which they themselves were informed. A collaborative outing with monosonics, this one had a discernable broadcast feel to it, one emphasised by its broad spectrum of tempo's. Diverse, yet cohesive, this is a fond look back at a fertile moment between 1996-98, where sounds traversed the atlantic, and the channel to permeate the music being played in the sticky, smoky basements and bars from Camden to Brick Lane. Much of the music here is current but all are endowed with the spirit of that lineage.

01. G Mills - Lodeon
02. DJ Cam - Friends & Enemies
03. Martin Hayes - Broken Memory
04. Al Zanders - Endliffe Park
05. Sobrero Galaxy - The Edge Of Space
06. Knight One – Hollow (Les Loups Remix)
07. Phil Gerus – Don’t you know I need you
08. Maya Jane Coles Feat. Thomas Knight – When I’m in love
09. French Touch – Papa Stomp
10. Green Linez - Hibiscus Pacific
11. Ashley Beedle, Lay-Far & Darren Morris - Slope (Lay-Far Upbeat Version)
12. Waterson - Tell Me (Ashley Beedles North Street mix)
13. Chaos In The CBD - 816 To Nunhead
14. StudioHeist – Eden
15. DiscoTron - Shake Dat
16. Danny Fry & Lou Willet – Colors (Kinky Movement ReMix)
17. James Benedict - 32 Minds
18. Avery SunShine – Call My Name (Ananda Project Lullaby Dub)

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Transmission#62 - Shadows In The Rushes

With all the distractions the festive season presents it was dubious as to whether this one would make it into the closing stretch of 2015. Incubated throughout a wintry interlude of Trevor Deep Jr sets, Ghostpoet at the Shepherds Bush Empire, and interminable traffic in grey sleet, this is best listened to while going nowhere fast under the sodium lamps of a city folding under its own weight. Setting a contemplative tone courtesy of a rare new Global Communication remix, into a stretch of meditative, acid influenced tech house before culminating in more soulful waters toward the terminus this one is a true journey and the last one of 2015. Too many standouts to cite without reproducing most of the tracklisting so I'll let you find your own moments within it. Thanks for listening and stay locked for 2016.

01. Dusky - Skin Deep (Global Communication Remix)
02. Tantsui - The Heart
03. Cherushii - Nighsteps
04. Manuelle Musik & Steffen Sonnenschein - Adonis
05. Kocleo - Pacific Time
06. Mind Against & Locked Groove - Elysium
07. Ghostpoet - X Marks The Spot (Boxed In Remix)
08. Ben Boe - Hope For Enceladus
09. Trevor Deep Jr. & Stiletti Ana - U I Tapemixx
10. Brooklyn Is Burning - Percolatin'
11. The Organ Grinder - Trees & Sausages
12. Joyce Muniz - On You
13. Luvless - Sometimes (Desos remix)
14. Bela Brandes - Leon Diva
15. Sound Stream - Live Goes On
16. JMX - Believe It
17. Ra-Soul & Don Crisp - Love Power
18. Debukas - Carloway

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Transmission#61 - Aunt Mags' Faves

I played at a close friend's wedding last year. Aunt Mags doesn't like house music. Aunt Mags didn't dance. This is for you Aunt Mags.

Warning: Contains unfeasibly contagious acid/disco/80s/90s/balearic overtones and was prepared in a factory where nuts are used.

01. Maricopa - Soul Light
02. Fouk - Coconuts
03. Admin - No Problemo
04. Takuya Matsumoto - Trash Track
05. Tirzah - Make It Up (Club edit)
06. Les Crocodiles - La Nuit des Tropiques (Acid dub)
07. Pixelated - Caught Up In The Rapture (Pixelated Anita On Acid re-edit)
08. The Francis Inferno Orchestra - Rush Back
09. YSE Saint Laur'Ant - Keep in Step
10. George Davis - The Feather
11. Antenna - Atomic
12. 2 Bit Crew - Close
13. Pablo Valentino - La Caverne
14. YSE Saint Laur'Ant - Walked in the Room
15. Kiko Navarro - Camon Yo! (Goshawk 5AM dub)
16. Marquis Hawkes - When I Get Home

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Transmission#60 - Pale Blue

The agony of choice has resulted in an extended set for the 60th outing of Deep Transmissions. With there simply being too much essential music around of late I've let the pieces fall where they may with 17 tracks moving through the kind of deep and dubby territory reminiscent of the releases put out by the much respected driftwood label in the 90s, through to throbbing disco influenced grooves from Franck Roger and Damiano Von Erckert.

01. Auji Industries - Galant
02. Deep Space Orchestra - Let's Save (Lord of the Isles remix)
03. Auden - Hunger
04. Sei A - Hypervenom
05. Iron Curtis - Care
06. Isolee - Favouride
07. Junktion - Pale Blue Dot
08. Paul Cut - The Joy
09. Dan Shake & Medlar - Walk (Soulphiction mix)
10. Chocky - Know
11. Franck Roger - The Drift
12. Nimmo - Dilute This (Maya Jane Coles remix)
13. Ashworth - Farrell (Dudley Strangeways remix)
14. Frits Wentink - Geese
15. Lrusse - Ynyslas
16. Damiano von Erckert - Last One
17. Synapson - All In You (Rombo remix)

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Transmission#59 - The Sentinel

Episode 59 takes place later at night than the last outing. Starting with the latest track by the inimitable Dave DK on Pampa records and easing into a couple of slow burners before moving into a more bass driven, stripped back soundscape. It always surprises me how, taken in isolation, a track may exhibit such a strong acoustic identity, yet when incorporated with others it can can seem transformed somehow. It demonstrates how context, and perception of it, is integral to how we relate to a continuous mix of evolving accents and moods. Turn this one up in the headphones and let it take you where it may.

01. Dave DK - Woolloomooloo
02. Downtown Party Network - Space Me Out
03. Maison Sky - Incline
04. M.ono - Volle Schnauze
05. Trevor Deep Jr - Believe Dub
06. Daniel Bortz - Steady Note
07. John Daly - Everlasting
08. Akase - Rust (Midland Remix)
09. Maceo Plex - Solar Detroit
10. Hackman - Grass Green (Orthographically Historialized By Timo Maas)
11. Dark Sky - Voyages (Redshape Remix)
12. Tim Green - Eclipse
13. Dusky - Squeezer

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Transmission#58 - The World At One Twenty

As incessant showers herald the end of another fleeting British summer memories of an early year trip to Colombia return and with it a set of meandering, languid sounds which perfectly sum up that state of mind where you're too tranquil to get vigorous but too inspired to contemplate silence. Another largely vinyl only collection of tracks all centered around the 120bpm mark, this is the world at one twenty.

01. Ishmael - Cold Comfort Farm
02. Frank & Tony - Bring The Sun (Dub)
03. Hidden Spheres - Be A Man
04. Andy Hart - Jasmine
05. Rick Wade - Strong Arm
06. Ugly Drums & Chesney - It's Alright
07. Laurence Guy - Stavros
08. Besmunt Soundsystem - Searchin' (Borrowed Identity Remix)
09. Goshawk - Make A Way
10. Harry Wolfman, Laurenc Guy - Mole Jug
11. Daniel Leseman - Keep On Moving
12. Bobby Browser - Clubspinning
13. Ponty Mython - Mila, It's Not Over!
14. Thrilogy - Heaven (K98 Remix)

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Transmission#57 - Hot Darkness

Smouldering July sees 14 more mostly vinyl only cuts, this time courtesy of labels such as Tusk Wax, Puss, & Rose. Probably as deep as it's been for a while with no small amount of inspiration having come from hearing some astoundingly good sets from Trevor Deep Jr of late. If you're not already familiar with him do make some time to visit him on soundcloud, it'll be rewarded. The essential percussions edit of Hot Chip's 'Need You Now' is a highlight as is the mechanised soul fuzz of Marcellus Pittman's 'Razz 09'. Finally an inspired treatment of a well known tune rounds things out. A perfect sound track for the heat of the night.

01. Zed Bias - Music Deep Inside
02. Nachbraker - You're Out Of Your Element
03. Luvless - Away From Here
04. Jan Ketel - Girliewood
05. M.ono & Luvless - Double You
06. Marcellus Pittman - Razz 09
07. Brame, Hamo - Parish Rumours
08. Tony Lionni - This Feeling
09. Kruse & Nuernberg - Drenched (Kris Wadsworth For The Hiss Addicts Mix)
10. Mr G - Song For My Cantor
11. Reno Wurzbacher - The Love You Got (Sven Weissemann Closeness Mix) 
12. Hot Chip - Need You Now (Percussions Edit)
13. Ejeca - Pushed (Bicep Remix)
14. HNNY - No

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Transmission#56 - Still Life

This episode is all about looking back while facing forward, with a focus on some of the incredible raw, warm house music being released on vinyl only labels such as 2 bit crew, HPTY and luvdancin'. Not only is the music here timeless in the sense that it could have been released in the 90s, it also embodies the continued devotion of small, independent labels to the magic of releasing music made with passion in limited runs on a format which has not just endured, but actively thrived through the prolific rise of digital convenience. In keeping with this spirit, and following a thought provoking conversation with Chris Sharp on mixcloud recently about how easily DJs can fall into a neglect of the past, I've included two long time favourite cuts from the late 90s. An incredible one off by Frank Le Fever and a throbbing floor melter by Didier Sinclair.

01. 2 Bit Crew - Untitled
02. Bicep - Celeste
03. Folamour - Brothers Since The First Day
04. 25 Places - These Moments
05. Kevin Yost - Walking Out The Door
06. 4004 - Nobody Rides The Rhythm
07. 2 Bit Crew - Untitled
08. Daniel Bortz - Hot In The Fridge
09. Bodhi - Polysizer
10. Vhyce - Hard To Find
11. Didier Sinclair - Lovely Flight
12. The Black 80s - Move On (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Mix)
13. Frank Le Fever - Deep Within

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Transmission#55 - Games and Theory

The May installment covers tougher territory, undepinned and inspired by some excellent Alan Fitzpatrick tracks, a new cut by Ten Walls, and a great remix of the Black Odyssey classic 'Sweat' by Marst, which is also available on his Soundcloud page as a free download so head over there and give it, and him, some support! 

01. Alan Fitzpatrick - For Fear Tonight Is All
02. Sideways - Retraced
03. Simon Baker - Chapter One
04. The Checkup - Hold Me Real Close
05. Kiki - Supermoon
06. Coyu, Remiro Lopez - 1,2,3.. Fire (Bontan Remix)
07. Justin Massei - Tell Them
08. Kocleo, Whitesquare - Float (Whitesquare Remix)
09. Black Odyssey - Sweat (Marst Remix)
10. Alan Fitzpatrick - For An Endless Night (Jel Ford Remix)
11. Alan Fitzpatrick - Turn Down The Lights
12. Rob Hes - Kingmaker
13. Ten Walls - Blue Orphan

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Transmission#54 - Cartagena Social Club

A longer set for this episode with 16 cuts that I couldn't separate, so decided not to. Having spent the last week in Cartagena it would be remiss not to acknowledge the influence of that city and its relentlessly talented, warm and surprising people. There are so many great tracks on this one, the George Fitzgerald cut with Boxed In has been on my radar since the man played it on his Fact mix last August so it was always guaranteed a place on an episode but I think the Johanne Brecht cut, 'Another World' is possibly the standout in a selection of outstanding tracks. Big thanks goes to DJ NG also for the promo of his excellent Walking With Elephants edit. It won't see an official release so enjoy it wherever you can hear it. Top up, turn up and breathe deep.

01. Ambassadeurs - Willows Lullaby
02. Maribou State - Olivia (Mao remix)
03. Escape - Just Escape (Justin Martin dub)
04. Coeo - Closer (Lay-Far remix)
05. Woo York - The Valley Of Songs
06. Steve Huerta - Say It Wasn't
07. George Fitzgerald feat. Boxed In - Full Circle
08. Johannes Brecht - Another World
09. Django Django - First LIght (Ghost Culture remix)
10. Purple Disco Machine - Song For O
11. MIdland - What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
12. Fort Romeau - Insides
13. Flow & Zeo - Spin It (Webbha remix)
14. Josh Butler - Inside 
15. Agoria - Baptême
16. DJ NG - Walking With Elephants (Edit with Nicola Tate)

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Transmission#53 - Off Grid

This one is all about the moody basslines, simmering and leering through the middle of the set following a brace of openers courtesy of Maya Jane Coles on the remix. The obscenely filthy Jalek by Ejeca from his excellent 2014 Contemplation EP signals a move into more familiar deep house territory for the final 10 minutes with a fantastic Goshawk remix of Joshua Iz's 'Like Gold'. Listen out for more to come from Goshawk (an alias of Rhythm Plate's) as there are some exciting productions in the pipeline from this seminal producer for 2015.

01. Pandora Drive, Karin Park - Hurricane (Maya Jane Coles remix)
02. Booka Shade - Love Drug (Maya Jane Coles remix)
03. Ashworth - Whatever Weather
04. Mark Jackus, Marcus Sur - In The Night (Time Maas remix)
05. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Ordinary (Lake Peoples Circle Motive remix)
06. Josef K, Winter Son, Mz Sunday - Loveless Vessel
07. Juan Deminicis - Time
08. Maher Daniel - A Call from Within
09. Julian Jewell - Frida
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir vs Pig & Dan - Morphism
11. Ejeca - Jalek
12. Vhyce - Be The Same
13. Joshua Iz, Marissa Guzman - Like Gold (Goshawk Raptor dub)

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Transmission#52 - Where The Tape Stops

First transmission of 2015 kicks things off with the lead track off the sensational latest 12" on Sleazy Beats Black Ops by Luvless, which, if the online frenzy surrounding it's release is anything to go by, suggests a pressing run which barely made double figures! A new cut by Frankey & Sandrino and and a shameless moment of hands up disco courtesy of a Hot Toddy remix which is long overdue an airing on this podcast. Call it straight up moody with a splash of disco. The photo is by Jean Pierre Lafont from his highly recommended Photographers Paradise: Turbulent America 1960-1990. .

01. Luvless - In My Arms
02. Frankey, Sandrino - Starchild
03. Klartraum - Diving Dancer (Ian Pooley Remix)
04. Kraak & Smaak - Back Again (Hot Toddy)
05. Gui Boratto - Joker (Dave DK Remix)
06. Needle, Griffith Malo - Without You
07. Ptaki - Skala
08. Franck Roger - Wanderlust (Marcelo Tag Remix)
09. Kant - Dyster
10. Kasper Bjorke - Apart (Michael Mayer Remix)
11. Walker & Royce - Sister (Extended Mix)
12. Nicolai Toma - Minifloat

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Transmission#51 - Polarity

Balance, equilibrium, cohesion. These are constantly recurring themes at play whenever a new episode takes shape. How to tame and shape a spectrum of contrasting moods across 14 or so tracks without jeopardising the journey. It's all about Polarity.

A warm and nostalgic feel to the start to this one, with the gorgeous Satisfaction by Bodhi kicking things off and setting the mood. An excellent Frits Wentink remix and a blistering piece of high impact, percussive 4/4 by Beesmunt Soundsystem stand out too. But it is the Kenny Larkin Detroit Mix of Inner City's Share My Life which is the centrepiece here. One of those rarest of things, a 20 year old record that has resisted both the 'digital revolution' (only available on vinyl) and still sounds like it could have been made this week. Timeless, classy house at its finest.

Special thanks to Joel Gillespie for letting me use his wonderful photo of Amsterdam in the snow in 1978. Visit his photostream at flickr for the narrative behind the photo.

This is the last episode of 2014 so have a great Christmas, thanks for listening and see you in 2015.

01. Bodhi - Satisfaction
02. JTRP - You and Me (Glenn Astro Remix)
03. Nachtbraker - Bluebottle (Frits Wentink Remix)
04. Hackman - Carry On
05. Bwana - Aomame
06. Dave Seaman & One Million Toys - Everything Comes in Threes (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
07. Blakkat - Feel Epic (John Tejada Vocal Mix)
08. Wild Culture - Day To Night (Smash TV Mix)
09. Innercity - Share My Life (Kenny Larkin Detroit Mix)
10. Beesmunt Soundsystem - Amsterdam 808
11. Dusky - Akebono
12. Andreas Saag - In The Box (Drum Track)
13. Harry Wolfman, Ella Chi - On Tap (Waifs & Strays Remix)
14. Aashton - I Can't Shake It

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Transmission#50 - All This Night

Deep Transmissions is now 50 episodes strong and to freshen things up we have moved homes to libsyn, which now means all episodes will remain online to stream and download, no more archiving older shows to make space for the new. If you're new to the show welcome along, if you've found your way over here from podomatic, thanks for keeping with us.

This episode, while a little late owing to the move, takes inspiration from the recent Found night with Joyce Muniz and Maya Jane Coles, with standout tracks from Mia Dora, Ricky Tinez and a sublime track from that man Iron Galaxy whose attention seeker track featured on episode #28 - Hot One Five, was my track of 2012. There's a distinct whiff of sweat and amyl nitrate with some of the bigger tunes in the second half but the snare rolls and klaxons are kept firmly locked up.

This episode is dedicated to Gary, a long term supporter and friend of deep transmissions, get better soon mate.

01. Chris James feat. Ria Moran - Song For Her (Audiojack Dub for Ra)
02. Vincenzo, Minako - Just Like Heaven (Dave DK Remix)
03. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Ellingfort Road
04. Ricky Tinez - Planet
05. System 2 - Blackjack Hustler
06. Kevin Yost - Day In Day Out
07. Tiger Stripes - Keep a Movin'
08. Mia Dora, Let The Machines Do The Work - Myth
09. Saeed Younan, Filthy Rich - Shamanic Voices (Hermanez remix)
10. Magic Mountain High - Untitled A1
11. London Grammar - If You Wait (Riva Starr Remix)
12. Holy Ghost! - Okay (a/just/ed Remix)
13. Sven Vath - L'esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation)
14. Iron Galaxy - Came and Went

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Transmission#49 - The Edge Of Nowhere

One episode shy of the half century and one day shy of October, episode 49 takes a reflective path, with the first 30 minutes covering some deeper, warmer sounds from Kerry Leva, Feral & Stray, and the title cut from the lovely new colours EP by Peter O. The last half elevates the tempo and the mood with some incredible music from Moderat, Valentino Kanzyani and Eartone. If nothing else this podcast aspires to develop a coherent lexicon for expressing the sounds I'm feeling at different points along the way, trying to collate a faithful vision of that with so much excellent music to work with is always a challenge. Thanks for coming along.

01. Dauwd - Lydia
02. Friends In Paris - Waiting (Ashworth Remix)
03. Kerry Leva - You Lied (Chris Domingo Remix)
04. Feral & Stray - Carried Away (Powel Meant It This Time Mix)
05. Peter O - Tea Time
06. Patrick Zigon - Ich See (Pablo Bolivar Rework)
07. Dusky - 4T4
08. Mr Flash - Midnight Blue (Jon Convex Remix)
09. Dhaze - Slices (Ronan Portela Remix)
10. Moderat - Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)
11. O.C Verde - Fugazi
12. Valentino Kanzyani - 8 Agosto
13. Theo Kottis - Waiting Game
14. Eartone - Moving My Roots

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Transmission#48 - Ataraxis

It's been an inspiring month in house music, with stand out sets from La Fleur, at her Watergate 16 launch at Egg London, and Art Department along with Kerri Chandler who turned in excellent sets at the Eastern Electrics one day festival at Hatfield House. This episode continues in that spirit, firmly borrowing from the intricate yet immediate sounds which have been flooding my brain this month. Of special note is the Gardens of God track, 'Gluk', forthcoming on Ten Walls' Boso imprint, and the track La Fleur opened with at Egg, Midland's 'Before We Leave', which has become my favourite of 2014 in short order. A storming brace of cuts by Shenoda courtesy of his new who ver? EP on Man Make Music and the new 'Contemplation' track by Ejeca from his EP of the same name round out a set of 14 sensational tracks.

01. Alex Niggemann - Materium
02. In2Deep - On Rainy Days (Patlac Remix)
03. Midland - Before We Leave
04. H.O.S.H, Andhim - Captain
05. Ejeca - Contemplation
06. Ill Cows - To Me
07. Larsson - Intensions
08. Funk D'Void - Lambo (Juan Deminicis Remix)
09. Gardens Of God - Gluk
10. Shenoda - Yorkie
11. Dusky - Expectations
12. La Fleur - Arms Around (C2 Affected Remix)
13. Shenoda - Who Ver?
14. Beesmunt Soundsystem - How I Wish

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Transmission#47 - Kismet

This sticky late July installment features some excellent vinyl only cuts and a deeper, dub influenced sound. Of special note are the Bodhi, Stump Valley & Leon Vynehall tracks and a gorgeous track from Andres called Hart Plaza which I've wanted to include on an episode for some time, the mood felt right on this one so it rounds things out.

01. Bodhi feat. George the Poet - My City
02. Stump Valley - Hollywood
03. Lake People - Night Drive
04. Vorres - Dry Game
05. Leon Vynehall - Butterflies
06. Lay-Far - New Day, New Light
07. Steve Huerta - Kingsley's Groove
08. Facade - Times Ten
09. Brame, Hamo - Retrospect
10. Manuel Tur - Ara Anam
11. Nick Holder - The Love Vibration
12. Andres - Hart Plaza

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Transmission#46 - Cycle Of Vice

Twelve of the best for this set which already finds us on the cusp of June. Opening with an exclusive track called Distance from the Direction by Mark Hand, a big favourite of mine, and a man whose talent is rivalled only by his generous spirit in providing me with a copy of this new track, which is currently, albeit temporarily I'm sure, unsigned. Listen to Mark's productions over at soundcloud here: Also included is the Wehbba remix of sleepless by Joyce Muniz which has rewarded a wait going back to January with a release on Warung this month. The middle section toughens up with some pulsating tracks by Dj Boris & Julien Sandre & the NT89 track is another sensational piece of simmering, hook laden, deep house. Thanks also to Skyman1882 for turning me onto the DJ Boris track through his continually thoughtful selections which you can find on his mixcloud page over at:

Thanks for listening, let's get into it.

01. Mark Hand - Distance From The Direction (Dub#1)
02. Mashk - Last Breath (Solee Remix)
03. Lorca - Forgive Me Love
04. Rey Aguilar - It's Not Over (Nick Devon Remix)
05. Joyce Muniz - Sleepless (Wehbba Remix)
06. DJ Boris - You Know
07. Julien Sandre - Perception (Luca Agnelli Remix)
08. Tony Lionni, Maria Marcial - Do You Believe (Funk D'void Remix)
09. Alexis Raphael - Exclusive
10. Eric Ericksson - Yuki (Deeper Dub)
11. NT89 - Purple Garden
12. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Breathe

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Transmission#45 - Requiem

This episode is inspired by the recent Tale of us session in London, and features tracks from Ten Walls, Maya Jane Coles and of course Another Earth from their release of the same name. Kicking things off is a current favourite by Leon Vynehall from his excellent new mini LP which came out this month, followed by Cloud City by Powel, a track which I wanted to include on an earlier episode but which finds a fitting home here. The Ida Engberg cut, Silhouette of a ghost is a particular favourite, and is in my opinion the strongest track on her recent Devil Dance EP. Rounding things off is the pick of a burgeoning crop of Sade remixes from Vin Sol & Matrixxman with their edit of Couldn't love you more. This episode is dedicated to Frankie Knuckles who we lost last weekend.

01. Leon Vynehall - St Sinclair
02. Powel - Cloud City
03. Ten Walls - Requiem
04. Sandrino, Frankey - Save
05. Rachel Row - L Square (Adam Port Remix)
06. Casino Times - Principles
07. Snilloc - Najah
08. Kidnap Kid - Stronger
09. Maya Jane Coles - Something In The Air (Dark Sky Remix)
10. Ida Engberg - Silhouette Of A Ghost
11. Tale Of Us - Another Earth
12. Sade - Couldn't Love You More (Vin Sol & Matrixxman Edit)

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Transmission#44 - four four

For episode 44 the name took care of itself, and for the first fully fledged episode of 2014 (committed listeners may have picked up the mixcloud only session 'Equinox' from early Feb) I've consciously tried to avoid tracks which have been wrung out elsewhere regardless of how good they are, hence there's no HNNY 'tears' or Disclosure ft Mary J Blige 'F for You', 2 superb cuts, but ones which you can hear on any good podcast. So instead I've opted for tracks which may have glanced by without receiving the attention they richly deserve. The Mepham remix which opens the set is a firm favourite, as is the simple but absorbing Harlequin by Rootstrax. The middle 3rd fizzes with a dark electricity, before settling into some more delicate grooves courtesy of dt favourite La Fleur, and Porentief. Also included are 2 of my favourite vinyl only releases from last year by M.ono & Loveless and Steve Huerta. Finally rounding things off is the Wookie remix of Disclosures Voices, a 'big' track I couldn't resist. Hit play and immerse.

01. Ashdown - It Must Be Time (Mepham Remix)
02. Rootstrax - Harlequin (808 Dub)
03. Mat Chiavaroli - Before I Go
04. M.ono & Luvless - Auckland Joggers
05. Ferry Ultra, Nicole Russo - Live My Life (Sahin Meyer Lyons Remix)
06. Shall Ocin - Forgive Me
07. The Presets - It's Cool (Andre Bayer & James Grant Remix)
08. Santiago Santamaria - Bitter Soul (Cecyl Mix)
09. Vellico - Pennines
10. La Fleur - Kattflickan
11. Porentief - Freund Der Familie (Rndms Remix)
12. Steve Huerta - Smoky
13. Disclosure - Voices (Wookie Remix)

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Transmission#43 - Plexus

For the first episode of 2014 I wanted to present my take on a 'deep progressive' house sound. The idea came about at the tail end of last year, born of a desire to try and recapture a glimpse of that sense of event inherent to those Tenaglia, or Digweed mix CDs which seemed imperious during those heady 'pre podcast' days in the 90s, when the CD reigned supreme as the format of choice for consuming DJ mixes. The counterpoint for this episode is transmission #21 - Rezin, but while that instalment also looked back to some of the classics from my lexicon of progressive 90s house, this episode is all about looking to the present and beyond with a blend of tough stripped down grooves from Dosem & Eric Sneo interspersed with harmonising layers from Navid Mehr & Devangel. It's also front loaded with plenty of melody as a prelude to the driving inertia of the final quarter.

01. Martin Roth - Beautiful Life
02. Della Zouch, S!lk - Inside
03. Tom Middleton - Wyv Auw Chu
04. Magshine - When The Stars Are Falling (Tvardovsky Remix)
05. UVO - False Forms (Khen Remix)
06. Li-Polymer - Sense Of Imperfect Beings
07. Matt Lange, Tania Zygar - Way You Know
08. Andrew Benson - Dope
09. Leo Kane - Epic
10. Dosem - Urban Shelter
11. Navid Mehr - 1984 (Andre Sobota Remix)
12. Eric Sneo - Go (Gabriel D'or Bordoy Remix)
13. Devangel - Phoenix (Adam-P Remix)

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Transmission#42 - Solitaire

As another superb year of music draws to a close this episode delivers a mix of two halves, the first shot through with a contemplative melancholia courtesy of tracks by Lessovsky, Silk 86 and Youandewan, while the second half takes a more forthright approach with lashings of kinetic fizz from Mia Dora, Eric Volta & Adam Beyer, wrapping up with probably my favourite remix of the year by Paul Woolford who gives Disclosure & London Grammar a big room piano laden 90s house send off. The Superlova, La Fleur and Ishmael tracks on here are also big favourites of mine. That's all from deep transmissions for another year, look out for the top 10 playlist on Youtube and thanks for listening, have a great festive break, see you on the other side.

01. Lessovsky - Empty Heart
02. Silk 86 - Clear Waters
03. Youandewan - What's The Deal
04. Superlova - All Night
05. Purple Velvet - Artform
06. Fred Everything - Street Luv
07. Bonobo - First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
08. La Fleur - Nightflow
09. Ishmael - Lumo
10. Eric Volta - Love Your Illusion
11. Mia Dora - After The Dog
12. Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg - You Know
13. Disclosure feat. London Grammar - Help Me Lose My Mind (Paul Woolford Remix)

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Transmission#41 - Mode One

This episode joins a few dots, from an inspired retreatment of a Gil Scott Heron classic by Florian Rietze, which is available as a free download on soundcloud, to a couple of older tracks by Axus & Chris Malinchak via some pure deep house workouts from Peter Horrevorts, La Fleur and J Alvarez. Thanks to Jason Moss, one third of a sporadically high functioning machine, for turning me onto the Mirror People track. Love the fresh take on the sound by Last Magpie too, his recent AdLibitum ep on Hypercolour is thoroughly worth tracking down. Finally watch out for the most dangerous set of steel drums ever to grace a house track courtesy of Ninetoes. As mentioned on the last episode I will be archiving the older transmissions over the next few releases to make room, while I'll try to keep the full series up for as long as possible be sure to grab the older ones sooner rather than later.

01. Gil Scott Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit (Florian Rietze Tool)
02. Sebb Aston - Sell My Soul
03. Last Magpie - Still Walking
04. Peter Horrevorts - It Keeps You Movin'
05. La Fleur - Flowerhead
06. Meko - Falling
07. Clancy - Giving You Up
08. Mirror People - Kaleidoscope - (Pyschemagik Remix)
09. Nils Koenig - Tonight
10. Ninetoes - Finder
11. Josh Butler - Keep Movin'
12. Copy Paste Soul - Say Do
13. Axus - Suite Disappointment (Rocco Remix)
14. J. Alvarez - Format
15. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me

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Transmission#40 - Violet Psalm

As much for the head as the heels this one, 13 impeccable cuts to take us into the beckoning winter. High points abound with sublime pure deep house cuts from Leif & Kuba Sojka alongside punchy grooves from Whitesquare and Hobert. The Ten Walls track, Gotham, has to be a contender for track of the year for me as followers of Deep Transmissions on Twitter will already know. Joyce Muniz deserves mention too for her superb treatment of Maya Jane Coles' Burning Bright, always safe hands on the remix so search out her work on Exploited (or older episodes of this podcast) if you haven't already. Over the next few weeks I'll be archiving shows 1-10 so download them before they're gone, the entire archive will remain available to stream over at Mixcloud however. Finally for something a bit different check out the recent Transmission Ltd 'Hive Mind' on Mixcloud, which is where I post occasional sets which don't necessarily fit the template here.

01. Marvin Belton - Precious (Sam Matters Remix)
02. Leif - Circumstance 4
03. EVM128 ft BB James - Make Me Feel (Palace Remix)
04. Mano Le Tough - Primitive People (Tale of Us Remix)
05. Agoria Feat. Scalde - For One Hour (Paradis Remix)
06. Dosem - Modern Ritual (Supernova Remix)
07. Kuba Sojka - You Can't Take It
08. Trevino - Another Lifetime
09. Maya Jane Coles - Burning Bright (Joyce Muniz Remix)
10. Ten Walls - Gotham
11. Whitesquare - No Sleep
12. Hobert - Sweet Love
13. Armeria - Not The Same (Tanelli Remix)

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Transmission#39 - Control Syndrome

As Deep Transmissions approaches it's 40th episode we're back on familiar ground with a set of 14 tracks that belong to the night. Copy Paste Soul, Codec, Alex Magno & Mistura provide some of the many highlights. Also worthy of mention is the excellent new track by Claes Rosen on LocalTalk, and keeping with the tradition of finishing with something slightly different I've included the superb Jonny Miller remix of 'Be' on Atjazz Records.

01. Billon - Hurt Me
02. Copy Paste Soul - Fly Away
03. Mistura - Smile (Shur-I-Kan Harmonic Dub)
04. Full Intention - Icon
05. Steffani Ritteri & Robosonic - She Was On My Mind
06. Dusky - Mr Man
07. Alex Magno - Clowns
08. Foamo - Release Me
09. Young Hand - Break It Down
10. Rue Jay, Ic3 Cream Social - All Night
11. Codec - Open Mind
12. Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah (Demarkus Lewis Extended Praise mix)
13. Claes Rosen - Daydreaming
14. Zaki Ibrahim, Kid Fonque, DJ Whisky - Be (Jonny Miller Remix)


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 Transmission#38 - Moving On

Something quite different for this one, infact it was going to be a Mixcloud only set owing to the first 3 tracks falling firmly outside of 4/4 territory. Summer has clearly invaded my step and this was produced for the beach on a recent Caribbean session, but because I've been feeling these tracks so much lately, I decided to share it here after all. Note some of the tracks here are Soundcloud only, as I wanted to expose some of the superb music being showcased there by unsigned and less well known producers, notably Benton Dread and Big Bear, both of whom offer up a brace of fantastic tracks here. Indulge me and stay for the whole journey, it's worth it.

01. Benton Dread - Alicia
02. Big Bear - Durante
03. Alison Valentine - Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix)
04. Storm Queen - Look Right Through Me (MK Dub III)
05. Ejeca - Rosario
06. Flight Facilities - I Didn't Believe (Tiger & Woods Mix)
07. Wez Saunders, Sherii Ven Dyer - Fire (Grant Nelson Remix)
08. Purple Velvet - Found You
09. Kings Of Tomorrow - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix)
10. Miguel Migs & Lisa Shaw - Heartbeat (Migs Salted Dub)
11. Coat of Arms - Mesmirised Feat. Ria Moran
12. Art Of Tones - Elephants

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Transmission#37 - Black Pitch

In the last transmission before the summer break we slow things down through the first 15 minutes with some fantastic remixes from Jimmy Welsh & Atjazz. The new track Infra by Paume is worthy of mention, particularly as it's his first so expect good things from him in the future. From 15 onwards it's back to business with some shimmering bass grooves from Spirit Catcher, Iron Galaxy & Sexlife and the stunning Au JuJu by Ishmael on Wolf Music. Wrapping things up is the second Romanthony closer in as many episodes, this time with Andre Crom on remix duties with a searing treatment of Ministry Of Love. Back in late July.

01. Maribou State - Tongue (James Welsh Remix)
02. Fred Everything - Mercyless (Atjazz Unreleased Astro Remix)
03. Paume - Infra
04. Spirit Catcher - Black Pitch
05. Iron Galaxy & Sexlife - One Of Us
06. Softwar - One Day (Detroit Swindle Remix)
07. No Artificial Colours - Crying Wolf
08. Prosis, Pablo Fierro - How To Move
09. Helly Larson - Love Is (Deep Spelle Remix)
10. Ishmael - Au JuJu
11. Waze & Odyssey - Please Don't Dance (Detroit Swindle's Basment Dub)
12. Daughter - Get Lucky (Holtoug House Mix)
13. Terrence Pearce - Halcyon
14. Romanthony - Ministry Of Love (Andre Crom Remix)

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Transmission#36 - Sustain Decay

Installment 36 relaxes the bumpiness of recent episodes in favour of a deeper soundscape, painted with the help of exquisite tracks from Fudge Fingas, Soulcool, UPZ, and SVG & Faith. Particular mention goes to the excellent new ep from DFRNT on Fina, from which the lead track here is taken. And I'm pleased to include the storming Laszlo Dancehall track 'Gave Up' on Man Make Music, which has been a long time coming. This episode is dedicated to Romanthony who sadly passed away this month, a prolific producer, his mid to late 90s body of work on Glasgow Underground and Distance were among my formative influences in house, and the silken sound of Kerri Chandler's dub of Trust is included here.

01. DFRNT - The Way You Look At Me
02. Rivani - Bamboo
03. Fudge Fingas - What Works (Vakula mix)
04. UPZ/Stephanie Cooke - Happy Days (Cuebur mix)
05. Soulcool - Legacy
06. Admin - Sunday Loops (Crump mix)
07. Hans Thalau - Asdis
08. Close feat. Charlene Soraia - Beam Me Up
09. Woods & Luyo - In The Heat Of The Night (Aki Bergen remix)
10. Laszlo Dancehall - Gave Up
11. The True Rebels - I Remember Things
12. SVG & Faith - Urban Jungles
13. Paul Hardy & McKai feat Astral T - Sound It Out (Al Bradley's 3am Deep mix)
14. Romanthony - Trust (Kerri Chandler dub)

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Transmission#35 - Aurora

A deep, stripped back sound for this one courtesy of excellent new material from Zoo Look, Ernest & Frank, Johnny Fiasco & Edmund. The second half steps up by way of a lovely Terri Walker vocal on Artful & Ridney's 'Missing You', and James Welsh brings things toward a close with his sublime cut 'The Way'. Also nice to bring back an older track from Masaki Morii, over 10 yrs old and still sounding fresh!

01. Mark Hand feat. Vicky Jackson - Don't Take It All Away
02. Johnny Fiasco - Aurora Borealis
03. Ernest & Frank - MinimaLeo
04. Zoo Look, Amy Lyon - Over Me (Detroit Swindle Rework)
05. Martin Ikin - Rhythm
06. Edmund - Someone Like You (The Messenger Remix)
07. Masaki Morii - Break
08. Artful & Ridney feat. Terri Walker - Missing You (Ridney Rework)
09. Nathan G - Keep Me All Night
10. Fred Everything - Brothers & Sisters (PM Atlantic)
11. Akabu, Alex Mills - Everybody Wants Something - (Akabu Warehouse Mix)
12. Lars Vegas - Break Me Down (Homework Remix)
13. Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Peas Mix)
14. James Welsh - The Way
15. Homeboy & Anshie - Halfway (Youandewan Version)

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Transmission#34 - Broken Poetry

This edition features a cut from the superb new Fold ep on Man Make Music, and a tough spine courtesy of muscular tracks from Joeski and Andre Winter. Also included, a phenomenal remix of Groovestyle's Freedom Train by Derrick Carter, a track which was rarely absent from Kenny Hawkes' sets, and one which, more than any other, shaped his sound. No one says it better than Luke Solomon himself though so read about it on Soundcloud here:

01. Fortunato & Montresor - Imagine
02. Hauswerks, Jaymo & Andy George - Take It To The Hoop
03. Fold - Moving Patterns
04. Brame - Set You Free
05. Frankey, Sandrino - We Are All Dust
06. Animist - Reeser
07. George Fitzgerald - Thinking Of You
08. Le Vinyl, Javi Bora - Boreal
09. Andre Winter - Blackmail
09. Joeski, Audio Kode - Addictions
11. Groovestyle - Freedom Train (Ds Boogie For Change Mix)
12. Prince Club - Love Strong
13. Dusky - Nobody Else
14. Andres - New For U

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Transmission#33 - Pattern & Structure

This episode features a classic Dubtribe Soundsystem cut which used to be a staple at Plastic People in London when Kenny Hawkes was in residence. Along with fantastic new tracks from Toby Tobias, Nathan G, Piers Kirwan, and new Detroit based producers GolfClap. Special thanks to Jacob Bech for an advance of his sensational new ep on Large, from which No Other Way, featured here, is taken. Due to the time it took to get this episode out the door it's no longer an advance but you can't rush perfection!

01. Toby Tobias - Backbeat
02. Elina Monova - Give Me The Night (Sunday Session)
03. Paluka - You Are
04. Dubtribe Soundsystem - Equitoreal
05. Marc Cotterell - Shake To Shuffle
06. Tigerskin - Yellow Tops
07. Roberto Rodriguez - Oxymoron
08. Pitto - Richklap
09. Jacob Bech - No Other Way
10. Duke Dumont - Need U 100%
11. Piers Kirwan - Bring You
12. Golf Clap - Another Way (Animist Remix)
13. Nathan G - Fall For Me
14. Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman Mix)

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Transmission#32 - Labour And Wait

The first edition of 2013 walks a deeper path with incredible tracks from Wiseman & The Lamberti Boyz nestling alongside more driving sounds from Two Armadillos, Waze & Odyssey, and the essential Deetron Remix of George FitzGerald's Every Inch, the original of which was featured on transmission #31. Also making a long overdue appearance here is Smoke by PASH, a track I've wanted to include here since it dropped in October last year.

01. PASH - Smoke
02. Wiseman - Drum Links
03. Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Baltimore (Bas Amro Remix)
04. Hans Thalau - Embla
05. Waze & Odyssey - I Want You You You
06. George Fitzgerald - Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
07. Two Armadillos - Theme
08. Giom - Hot Rabbits (SpiritChaser Beats Edit)
09. Nathan G, Giom - World Go Round (Giom Remix)
10. Tommy Largo - Good Inside
11. Alex Blaxx - The Evening News (Straight House Mix)
12. HHNQ - Point Of View
13. The Lamberti Boyz - Far Beyond
14. Spiritchaser - Edge Of The World (Dub Mix)
15. Kunta, Botshelo - Come Closer

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Transmission#31 - Out There

This mix came together so easily I just had to post it as a new episode, so I lied about #30 being the last of the year.. New tracks here simply too good to sit on, from Da Capo, Casino Times, George Fitzgerald, Maya Jane Coles, Maceo Plex & Rachel Row. Consider this a seasonal bonus, thanks for listening and enjoy what definitely is the last deep transmission of 2012.

01. Jakob Korn - Geek Emotion
02. Da Capo feat. Kylow - Out There (Fire and Rain Touch)
03. Casino Times - I Wanna Know
04. Rob Clarke - Sometimes
05. Liam Geddes - Don't Break Down
06. Cosmic Cowboys, Echonomist - Need To Know (Karol XVII, MB Valence Remix)
07. Romanthony - Bring U Up (Deetron Edit)
08. Audiojack - No Equal Sides
09. George Fitzgerald - Every Inch
10. Lula Circus - Pumpin Groovin Moovin (Pezzner Remix)
11. Maya Jane Coles - Easier To Hide
12. Maceo Plex - Love Somebody Else
13. Smallpeople - And You And You
14. Rachel Row - Follow The Step

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 Transmission#30 - Revivalism

This last episode of 2012 features sensational tracks from the likes of Herbert (remixed by DJ Koze), Sahin Meyer, Nowakowski, and an essential George Fitzgerald remix of Jessie Ware's 'No to Love' which rounds things off. Special thanks go to Sahin Meyer for a copy of their excellent track, 'Spread Love'. This installment is dedicated to Martin Dawson, another talented DJ & producer lost to us before his time. Rest in peace Martin.

01. Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze remix)
02. Tube & Berger with Milan Euringer - Lovebreak
03. Atjazz & Julian Gomes - Overshadowed (Julian Gomes Perspective)
04. Sahin Meyer - Spread Love
05. Pete Dafeet - Hit 'em Up (Pezzner dub)
06. Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Touching Me (Red Carpet Remix)
07. Brett Lawrence - A Tough Row To Hoe
08. Nowakowski - Magenta 3
09. Moonwalk - Things You Will Need
10. Mano Le Tough - Euro Dancer (Dances for Euros)
11. James Dexter - Crowd Control
12. Jay Shepheard - Fuzzy Border
13. Detroit Swindle - John Doe
14. Jessie Ware - No To Love (George Fitzgerald Remix)

Direct download: 2012-11-25T15_49_33-08_00.mp3
Category:deep house -- posted at: 11:49pm UTC

 Transmission#29 - Tension Effect

A couple of weeks early, but inspiration can be a tough mistress. Two tracks a piece from Joyce Muniz & Maya Jane Coles on this one and it's all about the basslines with some fantastic tracks from Detroit Swindle, Dusky, Bareskin & Fred Everything under his Frederico Y Alvaro pseudonym.

01. Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)
02. Joyce Muniz - Drop In Pressure
03. Bareskin - Eyes
04. Spin Science - Time To Wait (Dominic Martin Remix)
05. Detroit Swindle - I Gotta Know
06. Justin Martin - Don't Go (Dusky Remix)
07. Shane Linehan - Do You Know Who You Are
08. Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep In Louise
09. Mark Wells & Tom Brady - Reality (Desos Remix)
10. Shades Of Gray - Higher Ground (Fiord Remix)
11. Okain - O'Clock (Gerd's Deep Mix)
12. Joyce Muniz - Malicia
13. Frederico Y Alvaro - Perception One
14. Lianne La Havas - Lost and Found (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Direct download: 2012-10-26T11_11_57-07_00.mp3
Category:deep house -- posted at: 6:11pm UTC

Transmission#28 - Hot One Five

This new episode has arrived sooner than planned because there are so many sensational tracks that need play at the moment. The Iron Galaxy, Nick Nikolov, & Johnny Fiasco tracks have forced my hand and there's something a bit different but no less special to wrap it up. Next episode won't be until later in November so until then enjoy the hot one five (and give Vibrations some love, its time in the spotlight has been cut short..)

01. Eric Ericksson - Love Cannot
02. Iron Galaxy - Attention Seeker
03. Nick Nikolov - Come Down
04. Disclosure - My Intention Is War (Fig II)
05. Dusky - Henry 85
06. Orlando B - In The City
07. Johnny Fiasco - Keep It Deep
08. Detroit Swindle - Nothing Else Matters
09. HNNY - For The Very First Time
10. Karol XVII & MB Valence - Organized Notes
11. Tom Taylor - Jazz Dialect
12. Nikola Gala - Got To Pray (Moodymanc's Higher State Mix)
13. Matthias Vogt - Accelerator (Sumsuch Remix)
14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Schwindelig (Ian O'Donovan Remix)
15. Blu Mar Ten vs London Elektricity - Above One Second

Direct download: 2012-09-24T23_21_13-07_00.mp3
Category:deep house -- posted at: 6:21am UTC

 Transmission#27 - Vibrations

Summer giving way to autumn brings with it a more reflective sound, some fantastic tracks from Flori, The White Lamp (courtesy of a dependably first rate remix by Ron Basejam), Gorge & a lavish cut by Shur-i-kan keep this episode on point.

01. The White Lamp - It's You (Ron Basejam remix)
02. Edit Murphy - Need You
03. Finnebassen - If You Only Knew
04. Bo Saris - She's On Fire (Maya Jane Coles remix)
05. Baunz - The Same Thing (Huxley dub)
06. Kid Culture - Visions feal Rene Engel
07. Flori - Sing It Out (Leif remix)
08. Cassian - I Love It
09. Gorge - LA Angels (Audiojack remix)
10. Klevakeys feat Diamondancer - Raising Vibrations (Klevakeys Deeper Vibration mix)
11. Shur-i-kan - String Killer
12. Bertrand Dupart - La Bagatelle
13. Kruse & Nuernberg - The Brush (Tom Middleton Liquatech mix)
14. Bicep & Ejeca - You

Direct download: 2012-09-03T12_15_59-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#26 - Heartbreak Reputation

Loving some of the garage influenced house sounds emerging over the last year, strongly evident here in tracks from Alex Agore, Leftwing & Kody, Marc Cotterell, and of course Disclosure. Joris Voorn nails it once again with an incredible piece of frenzied 4am energy on 'Goodbye Fly'.

01. James Welsh - Air Valley
02. Tinozz & Poetic - Intoxicated (Tinozz Afro Rebel mix)
03. Leftwing & Kody - You Don't Know
04. Andre Crom - Hypnotizing (Homework NYC '92 remix)
05. Dublin Aunts - Heartbreak Reputation (Flash Mode remix)
06. DJ Doctor - Work!
07. Adam Byrd - Just Believe
08. Joris Voorn - Goodbye Fly
09. Marc Cotterell - Untitled Track One
10. Disclosure - Lividup
11. 4 Da People, Rik-Art - Build Me Up
12. Jamie Jones - Somewhere
13. Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me (Mano Le Tough remix)
14. Natural Calamity - And That's Saying A Lot (Groove Armada Dub)
15. Alex Agore - I Did You Wrong

Direct download: 2012-07-19T17_37_23-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#25 - Tru Love

Big thanks to Alex Agore for a digital copy of his stunning new vinyl only cut 'Tru Love'. Plenty to get your teeth into on this episode, some shimmering floor killers from Nubah, Kyodai & Ross Evana, give way to some cracking vocal tracks from the likes of Obsessfunk, Mekanism & Miguel Migs. And there's that Will Maddams track... sensational.

01. Session Victim - Zoinks
02. Will Maddams - Stand In For Love
03. Alex Agore - Tru Love
04. Nubah - Run From It
05. Ross Evana - Remake Me Whole
06. Kyodai - Breaking
07. Jay West - Thinking Of You
08. Downtown Party Network - The Machine Man
09. RECovery - Let It Go
10. Obsessfunk - Swine (Just Like That Sunshine Mix)
11. The Mekanism - Missing Love
12. Scope, Ric McClelland - I Don't Know
13. Miguel Migs ft. Meshell Ndegeocello - Tonight (Fred Everything Lazy Vocal Mix)
14. Karmon - Solarbeam

Direct download: 2012-06-12T12_00_14-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#24 - Born Under Punches

Some fantastic tracks on this set of peak time sounds, love the Kevin Yost, Steve Mill & Maya Jane Coles remix action.

01. Alessio Mereu - Perfect Lover (Nico Lahs Remix)
02. Gerd, NY STOMP - Can You Feel It
03. Huxley - Hard Work
04. Tigerskin - Good Times On The Reg
05. Poussez - Kangaroos (Roberto Rodriguez Mix)
06. Audiowhores feat. Dyanna Fearon - Don't Let Them In (Dub)
07. Steve Mill & Elias Tzikas - Christie's Inner Thoughts (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
08. Hector Couto - Changes
09. Oxia - Flying Over Time
10. Kevin Yost & Peter Funk - Trust (Main Voxed Version)
11. Freaks - We Move
12. Spiritchaser - Yesterday's Gone (Tomorrow's Dub)
13. Franck Roger - Bring It Back (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
14. Lovebirds - This Time (Gorge Remix)

Direct download: 2012-05-09T16_34_15-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#23 - Mindflight

Simmering melodies give way to some superb vocals from Joyce Muniz & Jessie Ware on this episode.

01. Pablo Fierro - Beautiful
02. Vincenzo & Aram - The Backyard
03. Alex Arnout - Movements In Soul
04. Shur-I-Kan - Joy
05. Soulscrum - Luv U More
06. Joyce Muniz & Taliwa - Messin' With My Mind
07. Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - Singing In The Bathtub
08. Mic Newman - Knickerbocker
09. Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure Remix)
10. Cosmic Cowboys - Krokai (Huxley Remix)
11. Ross Couch - Bullets (Deep Mix)
12. DJ Le Roi - Dust Of Basement
13. 4 Da People - Deeper Life
14. Buraq & Patrick Podage - Don't You

Direct download: 2012-04-11T17_43_51-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#22 - These Things

A return to the trademark sound of deep transmissions for this one, some incredible tracks here from the likes of Tony Betties, Gavin Herlihy , Homework & Spiritchaser. Not to mention a long overdue appearance by Jamie Woon courtesy of a stunning Ramadanman remix of Night Air.

01. Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)
02. Tony Betties - You And I (Kolombo Remix)
03. Ian Pooley, Spencer Parker - Feel The Same
04. Homework - I Got One (You're It) (Mercury Remix)
05. Aldo Brionne - 3:30
06. 9West - In Love
07. Gavin Herlihy - Witching Hour
08. FCL - Back (Instrumental)
09. Huxley - Let It Go
10. Redondo, Sideburn - Can't Keep Up (Sideburn Remix)
11. KRL - Chase
12. Unknown Artist - What You Need (Coat Of Arms Remix)
13. Rasmus Faber Feat. Beldina - Good Times Come Back (Ross Couch Remix)
14. Spiritchaser - So Clear (Future Dub)

Direct download: 2012-03-01T16_22_16-08_00.mp3
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Transmission#21 - Rezin

A rhythmic, progressive sound for this episode with classics from Sultan & The Greek & Elisa along with storming new tracks from Osaka HiFi System & Mas Flores. Shout to monosonics who put me on to the Arttu track.

01. Arttu - Just This One Time (Alex Arnout Remix)
02. Alex V - Like Me
03. Sendos Fuera - Flying High
04. Dave DK - Byway
05. Budai & Vic - I Love Deep (Timewriter Remix)
06. John Creamer & Stephane K - I Wish You Were Here (Lexicon Avenue Vocal Mix)
07. Toti Pereira - 2Feeling
08. Osaka HiFi System - Aah Haa Aah
09. Elisa - Time (Plant Funk's Extended Mix)
10. Sultan & The Greek - Rezin/Into Black (Dave Wood Edit)
11. Prince Club - Everybody
12. John Dahlback Feat. Erika Gellermark - Nothing Is For Real (Mark Knight Remix)
13. Mas Flores - Down (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
14. Jaytech - Djembe

Direct download: 2012-02-11T03_06_09-08_00.mp3
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Transmission#20  - Wrong Side

Big shout to Trevor Deep Jr who gave me a digital copy of his limited vinyl only release of Do Right, which along with the exquisite Joy Orbison remix of Lana Del Rey's Video Games and a storming new track from Ross Couch, are just 3 of the highlights on this episode.

01. JMP, Saccao, Nasrawi - Femme Fatale (Nasrawi's Sunset Dub)
02. Trevor Deep Jr - Do Right
03. Huxley - Shapes
04. Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)
05. Lula Circus - Irresistible (Doomwork Remix)
06. 4th Measure Man - 4 You (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
07. Lewis Lastella - Le Spot Rouge
08. Perry & Chris Domingo - Latitude
09. Zietgeist - I Dance For No Reason
10. Jay West - As a Kite
11. Danny Cohiba - Circles (Mario Plaza Remix)
12. Gareth Bilaney - K Side (Mr Cenzo Remix)
13. Ross Couch - Future Shock

Direct download: 2012-01-23T17_46_09-08_00.mp3
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Transmission#19 - Gentle Bruises

Big thanks to Jimmy Welsh for an advance of his excellent new track, Nastro Azzurro, forthcoming on Losing Suki. A couple of old classics from kid scientific and rhythm plate rub up against great new tracks from Soul Minority and Southeastern.

01. James Welsh - Nastro Azzurro
02. Andre Lodemann - Riven Reminiscences
03. Southeastern - P2000
04. Kid Scientific - Love Life (Full mix)
05. Soul Minority - Vanilla Sky
06. Brett Lawrence - Flam Tap
07. Robert Babicz - Beautiful (Tom Middleton Liquatech Remodel)
08. Rhythm Plate - Prospect Drive (Atjazz Mix)
09. Nicone & Sascha Braemer - Little Love (Florian Meindl Remix)
10. Huxley & Russo - Where's It Gone
11. Scope feat. Terry Grant - Seven Reasons (Roberto Rodriguez Piano Dub)
12. Roberto Rodriguez - I Got
13. Marco Fracasso ft Jaidene Veda - Nature Boy (Straight Deep mix)
14. Huxley - Madatme (Huxley Donedidit Remix)

Direct download: 2012-01-06T18_03_46-08_00.mp3
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Transmission#18 - Constant : Endless

Last transmission of the year brings you superb tracks from houseriders, Blood Groove & Kikis, and Mercury. Onwards and upwards for 2012, thanks for listening.

01. Stephen Day - Discovery
02. Alfred R. - Warm Memories
03. Phonic Funk - Dreaming of You
04. Brett Lawrence - Behind the Wire
05. Mercury - You Lift Me Up
06. Tim Points - Tierno
07. Houseriders - As Brothers & Sisters (Alvaro Hylander Rmx)
08. Joe Babylon - I Speak Jive (John Tejada Rmx)
09. Blood Groove & Kikis - Many Things
10. Bescheerer & Szenasi - Franz Josef
11. Alexis Raphael - Skalamoosh
12. Manuel Regnet - Joy (James Johnston Rmx)
13. Alexkid - Class of '95

Direct download: 2011-12-14T11_44_21-08_00.mp3
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Transmission#16 -  Caffeine Dreams

A more driving tempo and mood for this episode which features techy deepness courtesy of Toby Tobias, Hall North & Rodrigo Soria. The Flight Facilities track on here is a particular fave.

01. Deep Sector - Rainbows
02. Toby Tobias - Tomorrow's Bringing (Zoo Look Remix)
03. Rodrigo Soria - Bold (Alex V Remix)
04. Hall North - No Way Out (Serge Carroll Remix)
05. EVG - Get Together
06. Ruthit - I Feel (Kev O'Brien & Chris Luzz Remix)
07. Francis Orchestra Inferno - Go Easy On Me Girl
08. Flight Facilities feat. Jess - Foreign Language
09. Phil Weeks - By My Side
10. F89 - You And Me
11. Deep Dish presents Prana - The Dream (Dax J Back to '94 Remix)
12. K-Bana - Jive (Soul Minority Jumeirah Beach Mix)
13. Afronaut & Aphrodisiax - Held On To Me (Club Mix)

Direct download: 2011-10-26T16_59_35-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#15 - Saudade

Inspired by a recent night on London's South Bank this mix features the classic Dennis Ferrer remix of Faith by Gary Henry along with superb new tracks from UruMusicArt, Daniel Solar & Stan Kolev.

01. CFCF - Cometrue
02. Chopstick & JohnJon - Obviously She Is A Whore
03. Mario Aureo & Daniel Solar - What You Do
04. Scope - Strung out (Kruse & Nurnberg Mix)
05. Silt - Rising
06. UruMusicArt - Electic Tea
07. Stan Kolev - Part Of Me (Arthur Deep Midnight Dub)
08. The Good Rev Dr Gary Henry - Faith (Dennis Fs Silent Prayer)
09. Stuffa - Proof (FCL Remix)
10. The Mac Brothers - Something In The Air
11. Surrealism - So Much
12. Funk D'Void, Jay Leblone - Lovin' (Hipp-E Mix)
13. AxisOne - Hexa

Direct download: 2011-08-31T16_33_21-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#14 - City Life

This set kicks off with Nick Holder's Waiting For U, a track that I've wanted to include on a mix for some time and the more soulful sounds here provide a perfect backdrop for it. The brilliant Maceo Plex remix of City Life is also a highlight.

01. Nick Holder - Waiting For U
02. Lewie Day - Some Kinda Man
03. Fantastic Man - Nuthin' But A Thing
04. Dirty Kicks - Intimate Friends
05. Toomy Disco - Since I Fell For You (Les Loups Nympho Island Remix)
06. Chris Carrier - I'm In Love Today
07. DJ T - City Life (Maceo Plex Remix)
08. Poussez - Discuits
09. Iron Curtis - Inner Tribute To The City
10. Eats Everything - Entrance Song
11. Dustyfruit - Eyes Wide Shut
12. Midland - Through Motion
13. Genius Of Time - Drifting Back
14. Nicholas - Let's Stay Together

Direct download: 2011-08-06T18_20_29-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#13 - Diva

This episode is inspired by the brilliant 'One Night In Space' session at East Village, London last week, held in tribute to Kenny Hawkes. An amazing lineup of DJs turned out to give the great man a fitting memorium and track of the night for me was Gary Beck's Diva which is included here.

01. Roman Rauch - Dirty Haze (Original Mix)
02. Matt Prehn & Marcia Alves - Glow (Original Mix)
03. Matt Masters - It's Always Delayed (Original Mix)
04. Zoe Xenia - Right Here Feels So Good (Original Mix)
05. Anthony Collins - Don't Look Down Now (Roman Flugel Remix)
06. Jonny Cade - A Sanguine Lamb (Huxley Remix)
07. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Was Bleibt (Jimspter Vocal Remix)
08. Roberto Rodriguez - Like I Said (Original Mix)
09. Bleep District - Don't Stop Now (Giom Remix)
10. Mic Newman - Recorded In The Garage (Original Mix)
11. Gary Beck - Diva (Original Mix)
12. Kshah feat. Bardia - And So (Mory Yacel Remix)
13. Tony Lionni - Body & Soul (Original Mix)
14. Danny Daze - Fall Away From Love (Original Mix)
15. Kings Of Tomorrow - Take Me Back (Sandy Rivera Mix)

You can donate at

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Transmission#12 - What We Do

This episode features plenty of great new music, with standout tracks from Tiago Fragateiro, 60 Hertz Project & Atnarko. Lashings of vocals at the beginning and end of this summer set with a more driving mid section to pin it down.

01. Mr O feat. Scheibe - Way Of Life (Topzonecollab mix)
02. 60 Hertz Project - Capricorn (Original mix)
03. Sebastian Davidson & Enthousiaste Gasten - That Song (Huxley Remix)
04. Tiago Fragateiro feat Tracey K - Lovefool
05. Iz & Diz - Love It Dub It (Fred Everything Mix)
06. Mateo & Matos - Want U Tonight (John Mateo NYC Deep Mix)
07. Atnarko feat Soul Minority - Close Your Eyes
08. Huxley - Heidi Clam (Original Mix)
09. Vincenzo - Seduction (Jimpster Mix)
10. Joeski - Brothers & Sisters (Alex Sosa Mix)
11. South West Seven - What We Do (Autodeep Rmx)
12. Distant people feat. Rainy Payne - Connected (Magic Soul Mix)
13. Alexis Raphael - Spaceship (Original Mix)
14. Felix - Sky High (Lance Lewis Slow Mo Disco Remix)

Direct download: 2011-07-06T14_00_02-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#11 - Tribute for Kenny Hawkes

House music lost an unsung hero this month. On Friday 10th June Kenny Hawkes, founder of Space @ Bar Rhumba, fridays r firin' @ Plastic People, & much respected DJ and producer, passed away. Kenny was, without doubt my greatest influence, his sets at Plastic People in the late 90s cemented my love for deep house. This extended set is a tribute to his sound and his productions. Rest In Peace Kenny, thanks for more great nights than I can remember.

01. Chris Lumm - Connected (Acapella)
02. Gamat 3000 - Feeling Love
03. Gus Gus - The Call Of The Wild
04. Tony Senghore - What It Is
05. Inner City - Big Fun (Kenny Hawkes Remix)
06. New Alumnists - Back To The 80s
07. Tiefschwarz - Acid Soul
08. Nick Benson - Afro Smoke
09. Fries & Bridges - Affiliated Drums
10. Slam - Virtuoso
11. C & M Productions - Inside
12. Mooncat - Hear What Was Said
13. Asmodeus - Move Your Body
14. Kenny Hawkes - Play The Game (Joris Voorn Remix)
15. Kenny Hawkes - Dance For Me
16. Demon Ritchie - Feelin' Good
17. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - The Boobytrap
18. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - Gemini

Direct download: 2011-06-23T16_44_41-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#10 - Devil's Disco

Big thanks to Sebastian Davidson for sorting me out with a copy of his brilliant Remix of Soulfinder's Walking In The Distance. This deeply disco tinged set includes a superb Huxley remix, an old gem by Rhythm Plate and a sensational new track from Vincenzo to round things off.

01. 6th Borough Project - Iznae/Endless Night (Dave Wood rerub)
02. Soulfinder - Walking In The Distance (Sebastian Davidson remix)
03. Ooft - Deep Wading (Huxley remix)
04. Darlyn Vlys - In Your Shoes
05. Marvin Zeyss - You Got me
06. Sonny Fodera - All For Love
07. Decca T - Last Night
08. Mr Moon feat. Desy - I Wonder (K-Bana remix)
09. The Disclosure Project - Life's Short (Latenta Project Another Dimension remix)
10. Aki Bergen - Feel So Good
11. Rhythm Plate - Flame's High
12. Julian Sanza - Disco Groove
13. Vincenzo - Where You Are

Direct download: 2011-06-08T17_57_49-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#09 - Seasons

Another from the archive, with incredible tracks from The Return, Dubtribe Soundsystem & Furry Phreaks.

01. Nova Scotia - Loose Leaves
02. Forme - Aquanote
03. Korben Dallas - Like I Do
04. The Rurals - Magic
05. Fresh N' Low - Going Away
06. Pepe Braddock - Deep Burnt
07. Furry Phreaks - Want Me Like Water
08. The Return - New Day
09. Blue 6 - Do You Like It? (Body & Soul Dub)
10. Gaelle - Rain
11. Dubtribe Soundsystem - Do It Now

Direct download: 2011-06-03T17_05_45-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#08 - Hard Yards

The Roberto Rodriguez track on here has been a long time coming but worth the wait. Also love the Mic Newman track.

01. Ruzam - Pleasure
02. Roberto Rodriguez - Thinking Of You
03. Yofunk - Marmot
04. Ivan Enot - Regular Coffee
05. Elastic Sound - Moscow After Autumn Rain (JP Philippe Remix)
06. Domsko & Astral T - Hard Yards
07. Mic Newman - The Fidelity
08. Solomun - After Rain Comes Sun (Joris Voorn Dusty Dub Stab)
09. Short Bus Kids - Better (Da Sunlounge Dub)
10. Pablo Fierro - Indigo Children (Hector Couto Beautiful Rmx)
11. Mark P Adler Feat. Kira Semanas - Empty Heart (Steve Luxe Vocal Rmx)

Direct download: 2011-05-22T16_28_16-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#07 - Dust In The Cut

The first in a series of occasional posts from the archive, this one has some classics from Silver Haze and Mindflight.

01. Night Textures - Tranquility
02. Frankman - Nightlife
03. Echomen - Thru 2 U (Charles Webster Trumpet Dub)
04. Mindflight - Lightsource
05. Soulstice - Fall Into You
06. Silver Haze feat. Karin Brown - Everyday
07. Gamat 3000 - Sunglasses & Soda
08. Matthias Tanzmann - Whispering
09. Claude Monet - New Jazz Soul
10. DJ Buck - Make It Hot
11. Inland Knights - Back Again

Direct download: 2011-05-15T13_02_31-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#06 - Darkshine

Tracks from Huxley & Cosmic Kids to move this one along nicely. Lot's of great music around at the moment, some of my current favourites are on this mix.

01. Sunner Soul - Everybody
02. Atnarko & Romano Arcaini - Never Go Away (Rey Aguilar Rmx)
03. Maya Jane Coles - Don't Tell (Manoo Rmx)
04. Sasse - Perc (Huxley Rmx)
05. Qmusse - Can You Feel It
06. Desos - Surrender
07. DJ Le Roi & Ben Moss - Hold On
08. DJazzy - Puzzled (Kruse & Nuernberg Rmx)
09. Synthetic Junkie - Falling
10. Cosmic Kids - Reginald's Groove
11. Escape Committee Feat Charmaine - If You Try (David Glass Rmx)
12. Shonky - Le Velour (FR Late Nite Dub)
13. Tony Lionni - Lost Souls
14. Huxley - Touch & Reach

If you like this check out my Episode 99 guest mix on the deephousecat podcast.

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Transmission#05 - Human You

One from the archive here, tracks from Stereotype, Ante Perry & Joris Voorn make this one tick.

01. Ante Perry & Babylon Robots - Der Urknall
02. John Dahlback - Pyramid (Dirty South Rmx)
03. Tube & Berger - Favela Girl
04. Stereotype - Keepin' Me (Fauna Flash Rmx)
05. Tube & Berger, Ante Perry - Human You
06. Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Callisto
07. Heatbeat - Geek Love
08. Medway & Isabelle - Fade (Chris Domingo Mix)
09. Majestic - Midnight Electric
10. Global Communication - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
11. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (2020 Vision Rmx)
12. Kaskade feat. Dadmau5 - Move For Me (Extended Mix)
13. Joris Voorn - Beach Kisses

Direct download: 2011-04-16T10_37_37-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#04 - Life Juice

Tracks from Andre Balter, Benjamin Brunn & Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran provide the reference points for this episode.

01. The Disclosure Project - Life Juice
02. Maya Jane Coles - Nowhere
03. Scope - Magic (Original Mix)
04. Mario Basanov, Vidis, Jazzu - I'll Be Gone
05. Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran - Echoes (Solomun Rmx)
06. Willie Graff, Tuccilio - Give You Up (Chez Damier Interpretation)
07. Muallem - Holland Tunnel
08. FCL - More Than Seven
09. Zed Bias feat Jenna G - Show Some Appreciation
10. Benjamin Brunn - Dance Inside
11. Andre Balter - Frank (Peter Horrevorts Rmx)
12. Pete Gooding, Chris Coco - Night Dance
13. The Disclosure Project - 2 Deep (Santi Touch Rmx)
14. Martin Dawson - Sunday Smoking
15. Dam Dam Deep - Legacy
16. Osaze feat. Jaidene Veda - Sunday (Jimpster Rmx)
17. OD Musique - Soul Muzik

Direct download: 2011-04-12T03_06_04-07_00.mp3
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Transmission#03 - Rise n' Fall

Leo Gunn & Marvin Belton set this one off on a mellow tip while Lem & Bassfort finish off with the big hitters.

01. Leo Gunn - Rise n' Fall
02. Marvin Belton - Desperately In Love (Andre Lodemann's Driftin' Soul Mix)
03. DJ Le Roi - Valdemossa
04. Mustafa Feat Natalia - Circles (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Mix)
05. Alf Tumble - Story Of A Ghost (Deep Vocal Mix)
06. Ivan Enot - Message From Saint P
07. Manik - White Motif (Shur I Kan Vs Milton Jackson Rmx)
08. Matthew Dekay - Wongel (Huxley Rmx)
09. Darren Gregory - Phase Me
10. Prommer & Barck Feat Lois Longerling - Lovin (Andre Lodemann Rmx)
11. Vincenzo - The Clearing
12. Lem - Horizon (Cosmic Belt Rmx)
13. Bassfort - Last Night
14. Han Litz, Diephuis, Stephanie Cooke - Beautiful Life (Jose Carretas Son Liva Vocal Mix)

Direct download: 2011-04-06T15_56_45-07_00.mp3
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Transmission #02 - Synaesthesia

Dolphin Boy & Chymera bring the highlights to this mix.

01. Chymera - These Jagged Shards 
02. Dolphin Boy - Don't Stop (Andreas Saag Rmx) 
03. Sebastian Davidson - Nightbird (Paronator Rmx) 
04. Soulfinder - Nightvision 
05. Sebastian Davidson - Words & Sounds (Raygun & Ivan Rmx) 
06. J.Axel - Every Part Of The World 
07. Andreas Saag - The Message (Winter Rmx) 
08. Marvin Zeyss - Herz Frankman Rmx) 
09. Remute - Wanderer (Soul Minority Rmx) 
10. Nuernberg & Kruse - Lovers n' Fighters 
11. Hesohi - To Hold You (Tuomas' Finnish this Rmx) 
12. Blackpocket - UR A Star (Martyn Rmx)

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Transmission #01 - Transit

Fantastic Man and Matthias Vogt anchor this session.

01. Paul Frick feat. Emika - I Mean (Akufen Rmx) 
02. Fantastic Man - Look This Way (Original Mix) 
03. Shade Audio - Sunflower (Original Mix) 
04. Gero - If Not Heaven (URH Rmx) 
05. Tonbe - Summer Trip (Original Mix) 
06. Kruse & Nuernberg - Drenched 
07. Lazy Eyes - Horizon (Original Mix) 
08. Ben Westbeech - Falling (Deetron Paradise Vocal Rmx) 
09. Kindimmer - Renevue (The Messenger Rmx) 
10. Maison Dame - What Is This Thing (Dave Miller Rmx) 
11. Daniel Solar - Dirtiest Clean (Original Mix) 
12. Matthias Vogt - I Dreamed The Impossible (Wiretrappeurs playground Rmx) 
13. Maxxa - Night Groove 
14. Midland - Heads Down 
15. Francis Orchestra Inferno - Time For Tea (Original Mix)

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